Autumn colours that pop!

Autumn leaves crackle under feet, and the morning air has a crisp snap.

But instead of succumbing to drab autumnal tones, add a pop of tangerine to brighten up your day.


We’ve seen it in action in Sydney over the last week.

In Paddington, a classic shirt is given a citrus twist.

Tangerine Shirt


On the Northern Beaches, a classic tunic gets fresh and floral.

Printed kaftan


Near the Sydney Opera House, a coral necklace provides a fresh contrast to a navy top.

Coral Necklace


And at my place, I’ve also had a recent – and unexpected – tango with tangerine.

According to Paula Joye, editor of, orange is the lipstick colour of the moment.

She promises it will “whiten your teeth, and wake up your whole look”.

Given the sleep deprivation of motherhood, and the impact this has had on my looks, I tried it, and it seemed to work (or at least distracted from my tired eyes…).

Orange Flip Lipstick
I havn't worn bright lipstick like this since the early '90's.

I bought Revlon Orange Flip, and Paula had MAC Morange.

You can buy them both on, by clicking on the orange links.


What colour are you wearing now that makes you really pop?

(no fart jokes please…although I am totally immature like that)