Cats eye sunglasses that’ll get you purring

I’ll admit, I’m a cat person.

They’re chilled and furry, and when they’re kittens they look like this:

But it’s cats eye sunnies that are sending a warm purring sensation

through my tum right now.

Olivia Palermo and Anne Hathaway are so cute in these sunnies, I just want to tickle them under their chins.



It was Audrey Hepburn who first made them famous when she peered longingly into the window at Tiffany’s in her wing-tipped lenses, clutching a takeaway coffee.

Why not recreate this purr-fect look with a pair of cats eye sunnies? (Let’s face it, we’ve already got the “clutching-the-takeaway-coffee-cup” look down pat, albeit the context is more likely to be in a playground or park, than Park Avenue)

Fox in Flats fav’s online now:
cat's eye sunglasses

Christian Dior cat sunglasses
$295 –

Vince Camuto vintage shades
$65 –

Ray-Ban ray ban shades
110 –

Mango cat eye sunglasses
35 –

House of Harlow 1960 cat sunglasses
$195 –

Wayfarer shades
$22 –



Regardless of the sunnies, are you a cat or dog person? 

baby hanger1 Could you wear black eyeliner all week? I DARE YOU!


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