How to fake an hourglass when your waist has gone AWOL

By Tegan Taylor

For every celebrity on a magazine cover declaring their secrets to getting their body back after baby, there’s a mama rummaging through her wardrobe wondering where her waist went. If you’re part of the latter group, never fear – these tricky style tips will help you fake an hourglass shape, whether there’s one there or not.


1. Belt it

The quickest way to create that lovely in-and-out shape is to pop on a belt. Try a wide, structured belt over a flowy top or dress to emphasise the hourglass look. If you’re more of an apple shape, you may prefer a skinny belt around the slimmest part of your ribcage, while boyish figures might like a wide belt slung around the hips. Experiment with different belt widths and positions to find what works best for your shape, remembering it may be different to what worked pre-bub.

Oasap braided strap wide waist belt $38

TIP: Beware of fabric or self-tie belts, as these rarely sit flat and can end up making you look lumpy. If you’ve bought a top or dress that has come with a belt in the same fabric, swap it out for a leather belt and be amazed at the difference it makes!


2. Bold shoulders

If you feel like a belt is going to draw attention to your less-favourite areas, try dazzling and distracting with a bold shoulder instead. Emphasising the shoulders or décolletage draws the eye upwards, and there are plenty of styling options to choose from. Sling a scarf around your shoulders, affix a sparkly brooch, choose a batwing-cut top or choose a top, dress or jacket that has built-in embellishments.

Topshop embellished shoulder tank $72 (pictured)

Forzeiri Italia Gemstone brass bee brooch $198


3. Skinny pins

Because jeans shopping is second only to swimsuit shopping on the ‘Activities most women need a stiff drink before attempting’ list, it can be tempting to reach for whatever fits in order to avoid the change rooms. But what you put on your bottom half makes a big  difference to your shape, so do invest some time in finding some jeans that really work for you.

Bootcut jeans are a perennial favourite for balancing out wider hips. But if your waist is more your worry, skinny or slim-cut jeans might be the answer. A narrow shape in the leg will balance out those floaty or long-line tops you’re disguising your midsection with, helping you seem more in proportion. Non-jeans fans may instead prefer leggings or form-fitting skirts – with a bit of stretch, of course, for chasing the littlies around!

Nobody cult skinny jean $296


Has your waist gone AWOL since having kids? What are your styling tips for faking it?

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