Shop The Kids’ Section, Expand Your Wardrobe


By Tegan Taylor

How often have you run into a funky little kid and wished you could steal their style?


Kids get all the cool stuff — anchors, glitter, iron-on transfers… But we reckon the kids section isn’t just for littlies. Have a look around and you might find some things for your own wardrobe.

Here’s 3 things to add to your wardrobe while you’re shopping for them.


1. Girls’ hair accessories

You don’t have to be a mum of daughters to have an excuse to shop the girls’ section. Re-live your childhood by indulging in bobbles, butterfly clips and sparkly elastics. You might even be surprised to find some more grown up (but still fun) styles like these zebra-print bow elastics.

hair bows

Juicy Couture girls hair bows $17


2. Belts as bracelets

All you arm-partiers out there, here’s a new type of wristwear to add to your repertoire: kids’ belts. They’re slim and lightweight, come in a million cool colours and patterns, and are just the right length to wrap around your wrist two or three times. And they are much cheaper than a fancy, brand-name wrap bracelet (although we love those too).

nautica belt

Nautica child’s stripe anchor belt $24.50


3. Boys’ blazers

The hunt for the perfect blazer can be a long one — this one’s too big in the shoulders, that one’s too short in the waist — so widen your search into the boys’ department. Blazers for boys are all about classic details, so they are just the thing if you are after a style that won’t date quickly. Trying on in store is the best way to find a perfect fit, otherwise compare your measurements carefully with the sizing guides online.

jcrew blazer

J Crew boys two-button blazer $158


4. For petite mamas — go all out!

Australian designers such as Wayne Cooper do kids’ and tweens’ lines that are available at department stores, and they’re often significantly cheaper than their adult lines. Styles such as ponchos, swing-cut tops and maxi skirts and dresses have fairly fluid sizing, so are a good place to start.


So next time you’re shopping for the kids, grab a bundle of clothes and accessories you love the look of, hit the mini change rooms and muscle the smalls aside for mirror space. You might be pleasantly surprised with what you discover!


Have you ever raided the kids section for yourself? What did you buy?

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