Hide your ‘food baby’ with a cool kaftan

Cheryl Cole attempts to smuggle her ‘food baby’ through an airport


This time of year, when it’s easy to have second helpings, you might find yourself carrying another baby with you – a ‘food baby’. It’s when you’ve stuffed yourself so much your tummy is stretched, making you look like you’re a few months pregnant.

A kaftan is a great style solution that’ll prevent you being in that awkward situation where your mouth is hanging open (probably with a fork poised midway toward it) after being asked, “When are you due?” by a well-meaning relative.

Also known as a tunic-style top, the kaftan is flattering for every figure, the perfect disguise for a mummy tummy, and is also a stylish option to wear when you’re breastfeeding.

It’s probably the easiest way to stay cool and chic when the weather is warm, so we’ve included it in our list of 13 wardrobe essentials for one hot mama.


Here are 3 ways to wear your kaftan this summer:

1. Pop it over your shorts or loose-fitting pants for a relaxed yet polished look.

2. Accessorise with ethnic inspired earrings, woven sandals, and stacks of bracelets and rings.

3. Pile your hair into a messy bun, chignon or pony to show off your neck and décolletage.

Look for a style that’s fitted around the shoulders, falls loosely over that ‘food baby’ you’re smuggling, and ends around the top of your thighs.

For more ideas on how to stealth-dress to cover your mummy tummy, check out our 7 easy slenderising strategies for those days when you’re going to have extra helpings and 11 tried and tested tips to disguise your jelly belly.

Need just a little more reassurance about the state of your tum? See what real mummy tummies look like, accompanied by awesome stories of tummy acceptance.


How do you cover your ‘food baby’?

And got any great come-backs for when you’re asked if you’re pregnant when you’re not?! 

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