Things we can learn from models: Next Top Model mentor Josh Flinn reveals

If you’ve been watching Australia’s Next Top Model, Josh Flinn would need no introduction.


For the past two seasons he’s played mentor to the clothes horses, guiding them through shoots and shows, sharing tips gleaned from his distinguished career in the fashion industry, and providing a Dolce-cladded shoulder to cry on when it all becomes just a bit too much for them.


But if you don’t recognise his face, you may recognise his moves.
Josh was one of the guys inside a Bananas in Pyjamas suit for a few years, playing B2. During that gig, he had a ringside view of us mums with our kids, and so has an empathetic perspective about what’s involved for women when we’re wrangling children.


Currently he’s the publicist for arguably Australia’s most glamorous fashion designer, Alex Perry, who has dressed some of the most stunning mothers in the world including Elle MacphersonLinda Evangelista and Claudia Schiffer.

With his pedigree as a fashion insider, who better to natter with and get some tips for navigating motherhood in style? And he’s more than willing to give us a peek behind the scenes – from the surprising things make-up artists keep in their kits, quick hair and make-up tips, how to look ‘expensive’ when you’ve got little cash to spare, and tips on how to look like a Fox when you’re wearing Flats.


This week, he spills the beans on things we can learn from models:
Fox in Flats: You’ve been on Australia’s Next Top model as the mentor to the models for 2 seasons.  Is this role anything like being a mum?
Josh Flinn: (Laughs) “Sort of, but it’s probably more like being a favourite aunt. They tell you their secrets, ask for advice about anything from boys to fashion, and I still keep in touch with many of them. One of them called me from New York the other day. We have loads of fun on set and they do confide heaps in me. They’ll be like, “What do you think of this outfit?” and I’ll be like, “Mmm, it’s cute, but change the shoes.”


Fox in Flats: How would you describe the basic model ‘uniform,’ and what do you think ‘regular’ women can learn from it?
 Josh Flinn: “Casual, uncaring chic. Usually thick black ribbed tights, cut-off jeans, a leotard and singlet, high shoes. The type of outfit that shows where it all starts, and where it all finishes.”
Fox in Flats: Okaaaay… so any lessons there for us mere mortals? I’ve not worn a leotard since I did gymnastics in 1985…
Josh Flinn: (Laughs) “Yes. Unless you are a model, don’t wear what they wear. But there are some universal rules: Wear flats if you’re tall, wear wedges if you’re short. Tights do NOT substitute for trousers. And NO jeggings.”
Fox in Flats: Is there a rule of thumb for wearing jeggings or leggings?
Josh Flinn: “Yes. Don’t wear them unless you have legs like a model.”
Fox in Flats: How should someone pose to look good in photos?
Josh Flinn: “Three things:
1.       Always drop your chin – if you lift it you’ll look like a lizard.
2.       Find your best side and angle and use them – front on is only for mug shots.
3.       Practise in the mirror so it’ll come naturally when you’re in front of the camera.”
Fox in Flats: Got any model-secrets you can reveal?
Josh Flinn: “Models practise walking. Any stretch of pavement and they’re on.”


Fox in Flats: Can I have a lesson?
Josh Flinn: “Sure! Shoulders back, head up, fully extend your legs, and walk from the hip bones. You feel like a bit of a knob at first, but it’s worth it. You’ll look twice as tall – you’ll look longer. And having good posture makes you look thinner. Your ass will look flatter, and it’s great for your core muscles.”


Fox in Flats: Thanks coach!


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Do you have a favourite model – one who’s style you just adore?
And when exactly was the last time you wore a leotard?

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