7 things that're killing me right now

By Andrea Michelle

At my place we’ve just survived two weeks where all of us came down with a killer flu. One night there was even a vomit so epic that it not only covered my son’s bed, but splattered all over his little brother who was sleeping soundly in the bunk below. Like a crime scene of spew. Check out my “eeeewwww” face here.


But happily we’re all back and in rudely good health, and the only things killing me now are covered in awesome. Here’s a bunch of great things that are making my tummy tingle right now.



A little bit St Elmo’s Fire, this track is on high-rotation at my place and is making me dance in the kitchen.





Ok, so maybe it was a touch ‘Single White Female’ of me, but I just had to try on the same dress that Dannii Minogue was wearing when we caught up last week! She kindly took me through her new clothing range designed especially for petites, and we got down to bit of a girly chat. I’ll be sharing my picks from the range later this week, and in the meantime, check it our for yourself in selected Target stores and Target online, or snap up this dress for just $79 here. But if you buy one too and think you might bump into me, let’s text each other first to make sure there are no red faces, ok?!

Andrea Michelle Danniii Minogue



This post about acceptance of infertility. It’s touching and beautiful.



Like most parents I don’t get out that much, but when I do, these days, an Espresso Martini is my go to drink. Because: caffeine. And because: always tired. Don’t you just love how I cleverly accessorised with a Mickey Mouse Band-Aid? Gulp! #StyleFail

Espresso Martini




My friend Nikki has just launched her first book Unlock Your Style, packed with easy tips to make you look and feel more confident. For more info and how to get your copy check out her blog here.

Andrea Michelle with Nikki Parkinson


Sydney beaches in winter with my boys. We love nothing more than to head down for a run around, snuggle together and read books, or stroll together and try to solve the problems of The Third Grade.

Andrea Michelle Fox in Flats winter beach




My phone. Because real life is much, much more interesting, no?!

my phone



Anyone else been hit by the flu this year and found yourself wearing an “eeeewwww” face too?

And what’s making you go all tingly inside at the moment? Songs, books, clothes, people? I’d love to know. 



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