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Fox in Flats is thrilled (and also slightly terrified!) to be part of Live Well, Be Well Radio, an initiative by Cancer Council Queensland.


Live Well, Be Well Radio airs on Brisbane’s 96Five every Saturday morning from 9am to 10am (Bris-Vegas time), and is also available as a podcast from the Cancer Council Queensland website, downloadable every Thursday afterwards.


The show offers listeners news, tips and advice across a variety of health issues to reduce their risk of a range of chronic diseases, and improve quality of life.


Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift said, “The new initiative is designed to promote health and well-being in an informative and entertaining way.”

“We know one-third of all cancers are preventable with simple lifestyle changes including eating healthily, being SunSmart, moving more, maintaining a healthy weight and reducing alcohol intake.”

“Live Well, Be Well offers nutrition advice, tips to boost your well-being  creative ideas when it comes to changing up your everyday routine and the latest health news and initiatives.”

“From recipes to looking after yourself as a parent, short-cuts to style, learning how to nutritionally fill your kids’ lunchboxes and reduce your rates of skin cancer – Live Well, Be Well Radio offers a cross-section of content to increase the health and well-being of every family member.”


But how does Fox in Flats fit into this?

Katie said:

“Looking our best helps us to feel our best! Fashion & lifestyle tips by Andrea from Fox in Flats help to boost a person’s overall sense of well-being. She encourages us to be bold, take risks and put ourselves first. 


As for me, I’ve been slightly terrified about doing radio for the first time in my life (unless you count the time I called into SAFM when I was 14 and won a yellow oversized digital watch circa 1987 – huzzah!).


But the Cancer Council has a very special place in my heart – they provided enormous help to my mum in managing her well-being during her cancer. And she did volunteer work for them in her spare time between wrangling my brother and I when we were small and between her treatments. So it’s a brilliant opportunity for me to help out too, in the little ways I can.


I’ll be on the show every second week sharing style tips, ideas and inspiration that’ll put a spring in your step.


The first installment was on February 2nd and is available for podcast here. I’m talking FABruary and I cluck like a chicken. Mum would be so very proud 😉 The show also shares tips for being SunSmart and how to make healthy lunchboxes.


Tomorrow I’m talking Statement Necklaces – tips for how to wear them and how I love their happy sound!


Tune in Saturday mornings from 9am to 10am at


The podcast will be available for download weekly via, and the Cancer Council Queensland Twitter and facebook pages.



Have you ever been on the radio and won something rad? 

What types of topics would you like to see us chat about on the airwaves?


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