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Foxy ReadsBy Andrea Zanetich

Every day this week, I’ve sat down to write. But every day has seemed like one of those damn computer games that my boys are so frightfully obsessed with. I’ve found myself constantly ducking and weaving around unforeseen and sometimes freaky looking obstacles, such as the ‘quick shopping trip’ to buy booster seats that lasted most of the day; that lazy morning at the beach that ended in a little toenail cracked in half by a mean looking shell; and removing a stubborn piece of goo from the floor that none of us could identify.

To be honest, all of these things happened because I just wanted to hang more with my little guys, and I was having silly, fun, lazy holiday time with them.

But right at this instant, it’s tappety tap time. One is watching a movie, and the other is in his room “contemplating the reasons” for his most recent jealous stoush with his brother. So I’m gonna be fast before it’s Game On again.


This week I’ve read a bunch of articles online that have made me nod and exhale, smile, shed a tear, and take notes. I think they are all Foxy Reads.


Working from home in the holidays? What was I thinking?

Because Allison articulated my life right now (much more eloquently than I ever could).


Pretty Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial

Blair Waldorf would be stoked with this ‘do, and Christina’s done an easy step-by-step tutorial that’ll have you picturing yourself on the steps of the Met, instead of sitting on the steps of a sandpit.


Top 10 Green Smoothie Tips

“Would you, could you, in a house?

Would you, could you, with a mouse?”

When I think about green drinks, the voice inside me screams “I do not like them Sam I Am!” but after reading Clare’s tips, I’m thinking of giving it a go. Maybe the next Style Dare should be a ‘Cleanse Dare’? Or at the very least a ‘Green Dare’?!


How I Handled a Month’s Worth of Style Challenges

And speaking of Style Dares, New Yorker Sydney Stone published this fab wrap up of her month doing DAREcember. She’s shared her daily pics from the month, and there’s some great style inspo in there for us all. Love the way she shops that wardrobe of hers.


Getting Ready For School: 11 Tips

There’s been much debate at our place whether my littlest should go to school this year. He’s turning 5 late April, which means if he went, he’d be one of the youngest in his class. We eventually decided to wait till next year, for a host of reasons, one of them – selfishly – being I just want to have another year with my baby at home.

But this post from Lexi reminded me what it was like the year my big boy started school, and I’ve bookmarked for this time next year. And started to stockpile tissues.

PS: If you’ve got school aged kids, check out this section of Fox in Flats, and these 7 Style Tips for the School Run.


What were your Foxy Reads this week? Which articles got you talking, thinking, or grinning?

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