3 essentials for you once the kids are back to school

Back to School essentials for mums

By Andrea Michelle

If you’ve got school aged kids, I’d bet you had a little smug smile to yourself as you walked away from the campus recently, having bedded them in for another year of pencils and books. Because while having them around 24/7 in the summer holidays is amazing, it can also be bloody exhausting, and a crazy juggle, especially if you’re a working parent.

By now we’ve probably fixed up the kids with their back to school essentials, so it’s time to ensure we’ve got the essentials that we need to make the school year a little easier. Here’s my top three.


For caffeine on tap

Last year I got into the habit of buying a coffee from the local café each morning when I walked the kids to school, and the cost sure did add up! By making one at home instead and taking it with me in this slick looking travel coffee mug I reckon I’ll save close to $1,000, which I’ll put toward something much, much more interesting. Like shoes.

back to school essentials insulated travel mug

Contigo West Loop Autoseal Insulated Travel Mug $36.95



For the 3pm downpour

Murphy’s Law says that if it’s going to rain during the day, you’re pretty much guaranteed it’ll happen right at School Pick Up time. So I’ve always got an umbrella for myself and each of my boys handy just in case. I bought this exact one last year because, holograms. I love that it lets the light in on a dreary day, and it coordinates with whatever I’m wearing. 😉 Plus, it’s not yet fallen apart so that was thirty bucks well spent.

back to school essentials umbrella

Hologram Walker Umbrella $32



For sanity

After the kid’s have finished their homework, I reward them by letting them watch a little bit of TV. And as a reward for myself for managing to fix dinner while breaking up the inevitable after-school sibling squabbles and helping with aforementioned homework I reward myself with a nice glass of red. These glasses look perfect for toasting yourself for a job well done.

back to school essentials wine glasses

Riedel Pinot Noir Glasses $49.95 for a set of two


And if you’re thinking of doing tuck shop duty this year you may want to read this post to prep up, this post if you’re thinking of chaperoning a school excursion, or this post for when you’ve got a parent teacher meeting.

How have you treated yourself since you ushered the kids back to school?

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