The 5 winter coats every mum needs

5 winter coats every mum needs

By Andrea Michelle

I don’t think I’ve ever spent more time outdoors in my adult life than since I had kids. From pushing the pram around the neighbourhood like a somnambulist in those early days with a newborn to hours in the playground spent sliding, swinging, and supervising. And now that my kids are older, those freezing Saturday morning sport sessions. That’s hours of being outside.

And the key to a great winter wardrobe is the right outerwear because that’s ultimately what’s going to come between you and those f-f-f-freezing elements.

So here are five winter coats that every mum needs, what to look for and where to buy them.



The trench coat

Andrea Michelle Fox in Flats Trench Coat

Crisp and tailored, a trench coat will give instant polish to even the daggiest of outfits, so it’s little wonder we listed it as one of our 13 wardrobe essentials every mum can’t do without. Tres chic when flapping undone (tie the belt loosely around the back of your waist for extra shape), or button it up and belt it for a touch of undercover detective cool. Knot the belt instead of buckling it for extra style points, and push up the sleeves for a more casual look.

Best for:

A fast-track to looking polished even when you’re wearing a crumpled old sweatshirt and your favourite leggings at home. Just add ankle boots, button it up to the top, belt it, and make that dash to the local shops for that emergency supply of nappies and chocolate. That’s what Kate Moss would do.

What to look for:

A camel-coloured trench is timeless – invest in the best you can afford. To ensure it fits perfectly check that it can be buttoned up easily all the way and that it sits square on your shoulders.

Where to buy:

Armani Jeans Nylon Longerline Trench $489

Trenery Iconic Trench $299

Club Monaco Aeryn Trench $291

Dannii Minogue for Target Petites Textured Fit & Flare Trench $129

Vila Classic Trench Coat $68.00



The hooded bomber

Hooded bomber

Think of this as your mobile heater, as once it’s zipped up and that hood is on you’ll have trapped all that cold air out.

Best for:

Cold, wet, windy days when you’ve got no choice but to get out there and brave the elements.

What to look for:

Waterproof outer, thick padded lining, cuffs at the wrists and a fitted waistband to keep the warmth in. Fur-trimmed hoods are great for extra protection from whipping wind.

Where to buy:

Barneys Sonia Hooded Leather Bomber Jacket SALE was $383.00 now $193.00

Seed faux fur trim anorak $149

Schott NYC Hooded Bomber Jacket With Faux Fur Collar SALE was $308.00 now $92.00



The army jacket

army jacket fox in flats

Perhaps one of the most versatile coats around, an army jacket is great for layering over a leather or denim jacket for extra warmth. Team with skinny jeans and boots or a short dress and warm tights to balance out the bulk. Click here for 16 other ideas of how to style yours.

Best for:

Those times when you need to go hands free, like in the playground. The huge pockets that are a feature on an army jacket will mean you can easily carry around the necessary kit (tissues, cash, BAND-AIDs, sunnies, mobile phone, snacks) for an action-packed outing of fun. With no need for a bag, there’s one less thing to worry about.

What to look for:

Army green, over-sized and with plenty of large pockets.

Where to buy:

Seed shearling utility parka $189

ASOS Parka With Bomber Detail And Ruched Back $138.00

Target Multi Stitch Jacket $79



The long woollen coat

Asos petite oversized wrap coat

You know those days you’d love to wear a Snuggie outdoors but you don’t want to get arrested by the Fashion Police for doing so? This is what you wear instead. Big, thick and draping down to just above your ankles, this is the equivalent of walking around wrapped in a blanket. But without looking like you’re homeless or a really, really large baby.

Best for:

Days when you’ll be heading from one place to another in the elements, but want to keep everything underneath light-weight so you don’t overheat when you’re indoors with central heating. Avoid wearing in muddy playgrounds or sports fields as you don’t want to inadvertently dip your coat in a puddle while kissing a boo-boo.

What to look for:

Thick soft wool, fully lined and in gentle shades of beige or grey. Tailored crisp shapes that fit well across the shoulders are timeless, or to be bang on trend this season look for a large unstructured coat with wide lapels and a belt. Avoid bright colours (unless you’re happy to risk looking like a Teletubbie).

Where to buy:

C&M Camilla & Marc Manhattan Wool Coat $499

Jenni Kayne Side Slit Coat $655

Seed Tailored long coat $299



The peacoat

Pea Coat Fox in Flats

Best for:

A look that’s classic, chic and oh-so-French. Team it with skinny pants, a touch of denim and pretend you’re off to your day job in the office of VOGUE instead of to mother’s group.

What to look for:

Double breasted, no longer than mid-thigh, buy in black or navy, and with metallic military style buttons for extra polish.

Where to buy:

Trenery Luxe Wool Peacoat $349

Schott NYC Wool Peacoat SALE was $385.00 now $269.00

ASOS Pea Coat In Double Breast SALE was $164.00 now $114.00


Now, if only they erected mobile heaters in playgrounds and around sports fields. That’d be MUCH more civilised, no?!


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