What to do with that dress you accidentally shrunk

By Andrea Michelle

Last summer, this top was a dress until I accidentally threw it in the wash and it shrunk so short it barely covered my bottom. A true example of my abilities as a ‘housewife’.

The other week I did a major wardrobe clean-out, and the shrunken dress went into the bag of clothes I was taking to the local charity store. It was the practical thing to do. But something was holding me back. Maybe it was the flamingo print, or the swishy whooshy fabric – who knows? – but something inside was telling me not to let things end this way.

So this morning, I dug it back out of that bag, whacked it on, pulled on a pair of shorts, tucked it in, and wore it as a top.

Dress as a top Fox in Flats

 What do you think??!


Have you every rescued and resurrected something from your bag of cast-offs? What was it, and how did you breathe new life into it?

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