How to look tutu chic without looking like you’re off to junior ballet lessons

how to wear a tutu as a grown up

By Tegan Taylor

The Fox in Flats community are an impressive bunch. You ladies are out there raising kids, managing businesses, and generally running the world. But I’m 93% sure that most of you (like me) went through a stage where you dreamed of growing up to be a ballerina. After all, to a little girl’s mind, ballerinas are the ultimate in elegance, grace and, most importantly, fluffy skirts.

Well, your aspirations may have moved in a different direction, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to. Ever since Carrie Bradshaw stumbled down a New York street in that tulle skirt, ballerina skirts have been dancing along the fashion pages, and they’re not going to stop any time soon.

For us mums, the cooler months are the perfect time to experiment with a bit of tulle. You’re not competing with sweaty days or drippy ice-creams, plus this look really comes into its own when paired with soft knits or velvety jackets, as these street style snaps prove.


A fitted black top balances the volume of the skirt and keeps the colour palette from being too girly.

black knit and tulle


A cable knit and chunky jewellery are perfect when teamed with this less fluffy ballerina skirt.

cable knit and ballet skirt


This jacket-and-tulle-skirt combo in antique shades is classic but oh so cool.

jacket and tulle


A few pointes on wearing a tutu without looking like you’re going to junior ballet lessons:

  • DO go for traditional ballet colours such as soft pink and cream
  • DO pair with ballet flats for comfort. Nude or gold tones will help make your legs appear longer
  • DO mix up the look on top – try a striped shirt or black sweater


  • DON’T be afraid to try this style, even if you’re not ballerina-sized! Because any shape can rock a bit of tulle.


Take some inspiration from these prima fashionistas:

plus size tulle


mum in tulle


Ready to swathe yourself in tulle? Here’s where shop:



Ryu Your Bubbly Side skirt $49.99

Topshop ballerina prom midi skirt $89.29

Modcloth Dancing Through Dallas skirt $39.99

Wheels and Dollbaby ballet skirt $429

And pair it with:

ballerina_sweaterSoft Joie ranger top $96.60


Sam Edelman ballet flats $90


Would you wear a ballet-style skirt?

If you’re already a convert, what are your tips for dressing in tulle?


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