By Tegan Taylor

Apparently 2013 is the Chinese Year of the Snake but from where I’m sitting, it feels like it should be the Year of the Baby. Among my group of friends and extended family, 2013 has welcomed seven or eight babies so far, with another couple still on the way. Even I jumped on the bandwagon and am expecting a new addition any day now.

New babies mean lots of lovely things — milky cuddles, velvety heads to sniff and, of course, an excuse to buy presents! But along with those impossibly tiny booties and adorable onesies you’re cooing over, consider adding a gift for the woman who has done all the hard work of growing and delivering the baby. (Spoken like a true mum-to-be, I know…)

These five gift ideas are sure to be winners with any new mum.


1. A pretty hair tie, clip or ponytail holder

Even if she only has time to scrape her hair into a messy bun, a bit of hair-wear will help her feel more put together.


Mimco rose gold bobbles $29.95



2. A kimono-style wrap

A light dressing gown or kimono-style top will distract from a post-pregnancy tummy and milk-stained nursing singlet to help a new mum feel more equipped to receive visitors (or brave catching her own reflection in the mirror).


Wish kimono $139.95


3. A beautiful, lightweight scarf

Easy to throw over the most basic of outfits, a scarf hides stains and can do double-duty as a baby wrap, nursing shawl or pram cover. We’ve posted before about our love of scarves, and they are definitely a new-mum essential!


Jendi pop print scarf $34.95


4. A cute pair of studs

Those tiny hands will be grabbing at anything that twinkles and dangles pretty soon, so if you’re thinking jewellery, try some funky studs to ensure mum doesn’t have to shelve her new bling in a month or two’s time.


House of Harlow button earrings $38.16


5. A deliciously scented body wash, lotion or candle

When mum does get the chance to shower in peace, make it even more special with some luxurious products. With her days (and nights) filled with milk, tears and nappy contents, she will appreciate feeling feminine again.


Cath Kidston mini candle trio $29.57



Other gift ideas… that are practically free and so, so welcome:

  • Dinner! Or healthy snacks that can be grabbed on the go and eaten with one hand while caring for a baby.
  • Help around the house — dishes, a load of washing, vacuuming are all essential tasks that new mums often just can’t get to.
  • Offer to take older kids out for a couple of hours, or even just entertain them in another part of the house for an hour or two while mum rests and enjoys her newborn.


What were some of the best gifts you received as a new mum? And what’s your go-to gift when someone you love has a baby?


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  • Great suggestions. That scarf is divine. My friends gave me a cleaning voucher, and set up a roster to bring food around every couple of nights for the first six weeks of bub #2’s life. BEST. THING. EVER.

  • The food roster, definitely. Not bloody cake. Cos you can never justify cooking when there’s a perfectly good cake for dinner. Not sustainable. Real meals are the bees knees for new mums. Or stud earrings (I love these!). Or a pretty nightie you can feed in.

  • I’m expecting my second child soon and love the Cath Kidston mini candles but the best gifts in my opinion are the ‘practically free’ ones you listed 😉

  • The best thing we got were home-made dinners from friends and family, so handy and thoughtful! Now when we go to visit friends and family with new bubs we ALWAYS bring them something they can stash in their fridge/freezer for later. 🙂

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