Baby bags you’ll use long after the kids have grown


By Tegan Taylor

I’ll be honest — I’m not a huge fan of the baby bag. They’re heavy and bulky and seem to act like Bermuda Triangles for odd socks, loose sultanas and rogue Duplo pieces. But my least favourite thing about baby bags this is that they tend to look like, well, baby bags. Which can make them a big expense that you have little use for once the kids are out of nappies.

With some shrewd shopping, however, it is possible to find a baby bag that you’ll still love to use, years later. Here are some of our favourites.


The “It” bag with more

baby bag kate spade

Kate Spade New York Stevie baby bag $499.60

Yes, it’s a splurge, but this is a bag that will hold you in good stead for years to come. Aside from the gorgeous print and all the practicalities you look for in a diaper bag (change mat, waterproof lining, plenty of compartments), it’s chic enough to coordinate with a work wardrobe and big enough to double as an overnight bag. It’s an investment — that’s what I’ll be telling myself, anyway.



Baby bag or beach bag

baby bag colourblock

storksak colourblock tote $189.30

This colourblock cutie will look great hanging from the pram handles — as well as slung over your shoulder packed with beach towels and sunblock in a few years’ time. You can even use the built-in change mat as a place to plonk down items that you don’t want to get too sandy.



One for the boys

baby bag diaper dude

Diaper Dude shoulder bag $71.71

Get your man to shoulder some of the gear-lugging responsibility with this totally manly baby bag. Once the kids are past the point of bottles and nappies, Dad will still want to tote this baby as a gym bag, complete with separate compartments for sweaty socks and insulated pockets for sports drinks.


Click here for 14 things you’ll need in your baby bag, and here for 10 ways to know that the bag you’re keen on will make an awesome diaper bag.


What do you love or hate about baby bags? And what will you look for in your next one?

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