A man in my drink and heels that don’t hurt

heels that dont hurt

By Andrea for ECCO Shoes

You know those days when you’ve got a gazillion things on and your head is about to explode? That was me last week.

In a single day I managed to sell my home, get the kids to their respective places of learning (without toothpaste stains on their tops!), write a post, pack my bags for a weekend away, meet a client, hop a plane to the Gold Coast, take another meeting, and meet a friend for drinks.

And I did it in heels.

People are often surprised when they clock me in a pair of heels. I guess when you’ve got a blog called Fox in Flats, they’re thinking I’m a flat-or-nothing kinda girl.

But the opposite is true.”

I love flats for their practicality and comfort – they’re especially perfect for pushing swings or sliding down a slippery dip.

But BC*, I was a bona fide heel wearer.

Even on weekends. And grocery shopping. And to watch a footy game.

So in love with the vertically-enhancing, calf-firming, butt-lifting benefits of a heel that I wore them every day of my first pregnancy. And I would’ve kept wearing them too. Until one day at the 8-month mark I couldn’t get out of bed one morning after climbing the steps of the Sydney Opera House in heels the day before for my work farewell lunch. My colleagues – the practical and kind people that they were – gave me a voucher to purchase a pair of flat shoes as my maternity leave gift. Bless them, as I was not really looking forward to the standard office farewell gift for mamas-to-be of a stack of nappies artfully wrapped and arranged to look like a bunch of flowers.

Some days simply call for heels. Like that day last week.”

I was signing over ownership of my beloved home. I was meeting with the marketing head of a company I’m collaborating with. And I had to rehearse a presentation I was giving the next day to hundreds of people. I wanted to look like I had my shit together, so I needed my heels.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

A recent survey by ECCO Shoes found that 70% of women wear high heels because they make them look more elegant.

I get that.


But sadly, heels often leave us with ouchy feet at the end of the day. The same survey found that 63% of women reckoned they would wear heels more often if they didn’t hurt.

I get that too.


Mercifully, ECCO shoes listened carefully to that feedback. They created their Sculptured 65 heels with a technology that’s usually used in casual shoes, so they’ve got excellent cushioning and flexibility, that’ll get you through a long day and even into the night without feeling like you’ve had your feet inside a torture device. And they look fab too.


Here’s a little snapshot of that head-exploding day last week.



3 meetings, 2 states, 1 pair of heels, and a man in my drink

[cincopa AkGA-R7Dmt-B]

I’ll admit, I was nervous about the presentation the following day. I missed being away from my little boys. And I *may* have even shed a tear or ten-thousand about the finality of selling my home. It was emotionally draining.


But, we got more than we expected for the house. My kids were cracking fart jokes over the phone and seemingly oblivious to my absence. The work stuff went well. I got to catch up with some of my favourite people. And when I finally kicked off those heels at the end of the day, my feet didn’t hurt.


Not to mention the sweet surprise of a man in my drink.


So it turned out to be a ripper of a day after all.


The ECCO Sculptured 65 also comes in a T-bar sandal, a peep-toe pump, and a range of colours.  They cost $209.95 – $229.95 depending on the style.  Check out the entire range here.

And to keep up-to speed with other ECCO news and shoe innovations ‘like’ their Facebook page here.



How often do you wear heels? Do they make you feel more elegant like the women in the survey, or something else?

And what’s the weirdest thing you’ve found in your drink?!



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*Before Kids

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