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It’s that time of the day where you need to log off from work, prep your to-do list for tomorrow, and get the hell out of there in time to pick up the kids.

But isn’t it hard sometimes to leave your work at the office door?!”

Yet as working women, it’s important to find a way to leave the stress of paid work behind so we can shift into our other job of being great mums to our kids.

The job where we need to be attentive listeners, squeezy cuddle dispensers, and sometimes patient punching bags to grumpy, hungry kids at the end of their action packed days.

So it’s a good idea to do something for yourself after you leave the office to help shrug off the work day, clear your head, reboot, and relax.”

I call it my ‘transition period’: a period in the day of me-time where I treat myself. I do something that’s got nothing to do with my work, nothing to do with the kids, or chores, or friends, or family. Something that’s just for me.

And if I give myself that ‘transition period’,  by the time I’m nose to nose with my little guys I’m ready to give them my full attention because I’ve brushed off the work day, and had a bit of an escape.”

Here’s some of the little afternoon transition moments that have worked great-guns for me lately:


If I’m working from home I’ll take a walk, and breathe in that fresh air.

Even just 10 minutes walking around the neighborhood packs a real punch. The fresh air is like a mind-sweeper that clears out the junk of the work day.

 A walk and getting fresh air



If I’m driving to pick up the kids I’ll crank up the cheesy music and sing my heart out.

The transformative benefits of a great track can never be underestimated. And after a duet with Elton John (I do the Kiki Dee part), or a window smashing version of Adele’s ‘Someone like you’ I’ve forgotten the details of work and am ready to transition into ‘Mummy Mode’. If you ever see a woman in the car using her hand as a microphone singing her heart out, beep and wave. It’s probably me.



Wherever I’m based, I’ll have something to eat or drink to restore my energy for the evening of playing/cajoling/cooking/washing/brushing/reading/cuddling that lies ahead.

coffee break

Wasabi peas, organic dates with dry roasted almonds, or a Vanilla Moccona Flavour Infused Coffee have been on high rotation lately. Consuming something that’s high on flavour wakes up my taste-buds and also carries me over till dinner time.

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And after I’m in the right frame of mind thanks to these things, the chatter of the day is gone, and I’m better equipped to be the kind of mum I’d like to be.”



Share how you transition into “Mum-Mode” for your chance to WIN!

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How to enter:

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What do you do to help transition your mind from paid work to your other job of being a mum?

Do you treat yourself to something tasty, do you do a special activity, do you sing along in the car like me, or is there something else that works wonders for you?


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  • My transition on the day I work and have both kids in care is to arrive home about 20 minutes before the first pick up is due. And breath in the sounds of silence in the house. No one there. Not a sound. I quietly do the dishes and whatever else hasn’t happened in the morning rush to leave on time. It’s actually quiet relaxing.

  • I pick up a hot chocolate from the local cafe and go and sit by the beach for 30minutes before picking up the kids from school, the fresh ocean air helps me clear my mind and gets me prepared for the onslaught of homework, cranky pants and tantrums!

  • For me it is something very little that makes all the difference in helping me transition into Mummy mode and that is shedding, in someway my work clothes. I like to change into something more casual, whether it just be changing shoes or changing into a different top, add a hoodie, whatever, as long as I am in something different when I go to pick up my kids. It is a mental relaxation tool for me, work clothes = working mummy, nice, relaxed clothes = home with the kids mummy. Like I said, it is a very little thing but it makes all the difference in how I can cope with Mummy mode.

  • I love the bit about “The job where we need to be attentive listeners, squeezy cuddle dispensers, and sometimes patient punching bags to grumpy, hungry kids at the end of their action packed days” – I’m a preschool teacher, so I get paid to do this stuff during the day. My boys know that I often need a bit of quiet time when I get home and are so patient with me at the end of the day. I have just started sitting with them & writing up my notes from work while they’re doing their homework. It’s nice to do that side-by-side, chatting about our day & picking at a big bowl of over-buttery popcorn, and then we get on with the fun stuff. Rinse & repeat.

  • I always have a bit of a rush from work to daycare to after school care, but I never go without changing into my flats, and taking off my lipstick. I can’t run in heels, and I can’t give lots of hello kisses with lipstick on! I also often spend the ten minute drive from work to daycare recounting anything that I need to get off my mind out loud – I sometimes get dodgy looks from fellow commuters, but it helps to clear my head.

  • I love the drive home on my own! Sometimes I put the music up loud, other times and just enjoy the silence. And sometimes I treat myself and get a sneaky Kit Kat!

  • At 3pm I sat at my computer – shoulders hunched,teeth clenched, breathing shallow as I worried about; my deadlines, that I had to leave early to relieve the babysitter, organise the kids, then log back on later to work all whilst my husband is away for a week.
    Remembering what my holistic chiropractor told me last week about being present with emotions I tried to feel and be ok with my stress. Slowly I realised how lucky I was to go home to excited little ones for kisses and cuddles to distract me from work stress. Then since I my husband isn’t home I could eat toast, have a beer and without feeling guilty log on and bang out some fab work tonight.
    And now since I have spent 45 minutes on the train catching up on gossip, news and awesome blogs I am ready to go home and be Mum (and Dad).
    How timely your post was Andrea!

  • When I step through the door of an evening, after a chaotic day at work, my brain is simmering and seething with todo lists, performance conversations, confrontations, spreadsheets and the like. And as I transition into the chaos that is my home, I smile. Because immediately my 12 year is off loading the 1st world problems that come with being in year 7, my 2 year old is anxiously requesting a topup of food/drink/toy/cuddles, and the 7 month old is inevitably awake but not yet ready for a feed, but in desperate need of attention and snuggles. The kisses from my kids, the problems and needs that I get to smooth out, the chaos that seems to disappear with my reappearance back into the household help me to switch off from work and switch back onto parenting. What’s a spreadsheet compared to the rumour being spread at school, the crisis of the empty sultana container, or the gummy smile of an infant getting his tummy blown on.

  • Oh I am so like you. I love my walks and loud music (Annie Lennox for me or Eurythmics). But the thing that works best for me is remembering a story about a man who left the troubles of his day on a tree outside the house each evening and picked them up every morning – and the funny thing is the next morning they usually weren’t still there….it’s corny but it works for me.
    Looking forward to trying the new coffee I am a huge fan of my moccona I usually pop cinnamon in mine.

  • I think I have 2 persona’s – mum and corporate me.
    As soon as I’ve dropped Master 5 at school I switch into corporate mode and am totally focused until I pick him up from after school care.
    I too crank the music in the car and as soon as I see him through the gates I melt inside and realise that the hard slog at the office is worth it to give him the best I can in life.
    As soon as we’re home its uniforms off (his and my work attire) and I make sure I dont check my phone too often for emails.
    On the weekends I’m all about jeans, shorts, ballet flats and football boots – a far cry from the suits and dresses I wear Mon-Fri.
    Having 2 persona’s helps me focus on my day knowing there is a reward at the end of my working day.

  • For me it’s from work to the local shops where I can have a bit of a walk around, get a coffee, and casually select something for dinner, it’s the calm before the storm as once I pick the kids up it’s all go go go, lucky for that secret stash of chocolate and wine I got at the shops 😉

  • I work from home so before I go to pick up the kids I do a quick whip around the house, gathering up all of my work stuff and chucking it in my work room then shut the door!! Out of site, out of mind. Then I make myself a macchiato to recharge for the busy ‘stupid-o’clock’ time of night!!!

  • Pretty much the 3 kids steamroller me into mum mode – a barrage of questions and chatter give me no brain space to think elsewhere. Plus I’m almost just a taxi driver now so if I don’t transition immediately we’ll crash or be late.
    As for ME time, give me a cuppa and something to drown out the chicklets ANYDAY!
    (pandoraandmax at gmail dot com)

  • I make a cuppa and head out into our veggie garden! I find tending to the plants and harvesting the lovely organic produce is gentle, peaceful (unless the kids follow me out there!) and rewarding…

  • I’m usually on my feet all day so by the time I get home my feet are really aching. I fill a large bucket with warm water and put my feet in and relax for half an hour. My kids know this is my time and after the 30 minutes is up I will be in mum mode and they will have my total attention. They call it “mum’s big soak”!

  • With shock! I walk in the door and suddenly remember I only relinquished motherhood temporarily!! Instantly my smiling ten month old daughter permeates the mind and mummy mode is on.

  • I work with little ones, so as soon as I get home I practically have a ‘decontamination shower’. I literally do not want to bring my work home. Once I’m clean, fresh & ready. Bring it on.

  • It’s being a mum that’s the full-time 24/7/365 job and the formal work that’s temporal lasting part of the day.

    kingkongsale AT gmail DOT com

  • I simply forget as soon as I leave the office. Emotional involvement with my clients diminishes any spare energy I have left for my family. Work issues remain on hold until I walk in the next morning!

  • I make the most of what I have on hand. If I have chocolate, it’s a chocolate fix. If I’m in the car and can’t make it home, I crank the tunes and sing my heart out. If I’m feeling flat, I’ll stop somewhere and grab some much needed caffeine. Or sometimes I’ll just close my eyes and breathe and enjoy the quiet before the chaos comes back!

  • I get into gear with a lush bubble bath! I work from home so before I pick up the kids, I unwind and get into that right frame of mind 🙂

  • Mum mode never ends. I’m forever in mum mode. As a stay at home mum, it’s 24/7. Even if I’m not with my children I think about them all the time. I adore my children. My children are my life. I’m lucky to have children at all…so I count my blessings everyday. It’s the only job I really love.

  • I sit in my car in the car park, set the alarm on my phone and meditate for 5-10 minutes. It really helps me leave my stressful job behind and transition into wife and mother. ALL my work crowded into the car with me for the night until I learned this technique…..

  • I’m gearing up for mum-mode while I’m still at work, gazing blankly at the computer screen, enjoying the quiet! Enjoying the fact that I am ME… Thinking about what I’ll make for dinner to what housework needs to be done when I get home… I jump in the car after work… Sing LOUDLY to my ipod playlist… get to kindy and instantly I’m ‘Mum’… on go the wiggles and my REAL job begins! xxx

  • Leaving the days troubles behind as soon as I walk into that door so I cn spend quality time with my family, This includes leaving the grumpy, tired face at the door too & putting that smiling, caring heart back into gear for the good memories!

  • My drive home from work is on a beautiful country road, although only 1/2 hr from the Sydney CDB – it helps me get back into the “home” me!

  • Love this! I’m a primary school teacher and my boys are 7, 5 and 3 years old. It’s hard to make the shift between teaching young kids and coming home to your own kids (who honestly don’t care that you’re a teacher with authority and respect at school!) So to get myself into mum mode before I get home, I’ll drive through and get myself a coffee (usually a roadie cheeseburger, that I evilly don’t have to share!) pump up the tunes and sing my little heart out. It clears my head, brings to a calm relaxation mood and I’m feeling happy and pumped. If I get home before the kids, I like to prepare their afternoon tea, they’re ALWAYS starving when they walk in the door, they’re tired and sometimes cranky, so having food prepared for them, puts smiles on their faces, which contagiously puts a smile on my face. Full tummies also like doing homework!
    Go the tunes, coffee and cheeseburger!

  • Love this post! It’s so true. For me, it’s a Koko Black hot chocolate and a cryptic crossword on the train on the way home. I used to work from my phone on the way home, but soon realised that a) it meant I didn’t switch off, and b) there’s only so much you can do from an iPhone anyway. Better off unwinding!
    Great comp. Thanks for hosting.

  • I like to put on some music in the lounge room that pleases everyone…Can’t go past a good 80’s mix (rock lobster by the B 52’s is a fav all round) and having a dance off with the kids… The craziest moves I can bust out to make the kids laugh to remind me why I LOVE being a mum. When we are all dancing around like lobsters and laughing our arses off its a great transition into mummy mode… It’s nice to not take yourself so seriously sometimes. A good laugh and a great workout!

  • My transition is all about grounding myself and getting back to earth with my family! It’s a little bit hippy but oh so relaxed; I shed the work gear to flounce about the house in flowing skirts and colourful shirts or rug up in layers of my warmest leggings, snuggly slippers and cosy knits!

  • I don’t need a transition…after all these years it is and always has been my number one priority, but I do love it, so that is okay!

  • I come home from work and am transitioned immediately with a hug from my little boy. I take off my shoes and belt and I am all relaxed and in mummy mode. Sitting on the couch or on the floor listening to my son tell me all about his day, what he did, what he ate, who his new best friend is and what he would like to do the next day is just the best! 🙂

  • Pure normality!! Get up do my thing help everyone else from the time i wake up till the time i go to sleep!! All done by, with a whole lotta love & no second thought!! I wouldn’t want it any other way, as shown , taught & leanrt by my mum & dad (R.I.P.) Love has NO BOUNDARIES!!

  • I jump into the bathroom and with a quick twirl,transform into “Super Mum”…now if only I can stop tripping over my cape….

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