Ever wanted to come clean about why you don’t exercise?

Here’s your chance.

We’ve created a ‘virtual confessional,’ a place where you can admit all the things that hold you back from exercising, without any guilt.

But I’m going first…


I know I should exercise.

I understand the positive impact it has on my physical and mental well-being.

And I know that if I persist, my body will look much, much better than it does now. My mummy tummy might become less wobbly and –  if there is a miracle – even disappear.

Yet lately, I find myself reaching into a grab-bag full of excuses for not exercising.

Some of these may or may not include:

I haven’t shaved my legs.

The kids are driving me nuts, so a glass or two of wine tonight will be much more beneficial to my mental well-being than my boxing class.

I’d just rather a glass of wine than a night-time trek to the gym. 

I just want wine. 

I’ll take the kids to the movies instead of going swimming with them.

My kids need the time with me more. 

I need more time with my kids.

Can’t find my ‘good’ gym pants.

‘Episodes’ is on TV.

I ate too much for breakfast.

My skin feels too dry to go outside.

It’s more important I write something for Fox in Flats.

It’s more important I prepare a nutritious meal for my family.

It’s more important I read the Sunday paper (…this gets more and more imperative the later in the week it becomes).

I haven’t been to a class for ages and I won’t be able to keep up.

What if that personal space invading chick with the flailing arms positions herself next to me in class …again?

It’ll hurt.

I’ve got a sore throat.

I’ve got my period.

My son has a cold.

It’s cold.

I’m feeling old.

 Any of these sound familiar?


I’ve been asking the other mums I know, and some common themes have emerged about what holds us back from getting active.

The top 10 excuses women make for not exercising:

1. No time

I’m balancing the kids, cooking, cleaning, making meals, a part-time job, my husband, and the odd social engagement. I’m struggling to find time to sleep, let alone go to the gym!

2. It’s boring

Oh please! Army commandos should add Pilates Classes to their list of torture techniques, under the heading ‘Bore Them Into Submission.

3. I’ve got the kids with me full-time

I tried putting Bella into the crèche at the gym, but she cried the entire time and I had to leave the session part-way through.”

4. I’m too embarrassed

I’ve never lost my baby weight, and become even fatter. I’m too ashamed to walk into a gym.

5. I’ve got health problems

I’ve had a bad back ever since I was pregnant, so it hurts to exercise.

6. I feel guilty

Taking that time out for myself just feels so selfish. The kids would end up missing out on something.

7. I don’t have the money

We have less money since we had kids as I’m at home with them and not earning anything, so paying for classes is out of the question.

8. It’s not safe

I like walking, but don’t feel safe in certain areas, and especially not after dark. I’m probably just being paranoid but still, it freaks me out.

9. I don’t have decent exercise clothes

My trainers are worn out, and my gym pants are wearing through.

10. I’m too tired

I’m getting by on about 5 hours of fitful sleep a night because of baby feeds and toddler nightmares. I think I’d fall asleep during yoga.

‘Foxes on the Run’

All of the excuses for not exercising are totally valid, justifiable, and OK. I’ve used most of them myself lots of times.

But the fact is, it’s really important to get some kind of exercise into your life.

Now I’m sure as hell not worthy to lecture or preach to you guys about getting motivated to exercise. So, given it is so important, I wondered if it might be more effective – and fun – if we came together to motivate each other?

Kinda like ‘Fox on the Run’ but with better hair than the guys in the band singing the song, here.

So we’ve made this article part of a series about sharing tips and ideas from other mums so we can all get more active. Because as mothers, we really do need to be healthy. If not for ourselves, then for the sake of our kids.


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And now it’s time to confess! What excuses have you used for not exercising?



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