Do you find yourself busy running errands? Busy running your kids around? Yet too busy to actually run???

Lack of time is one of the biggest reasons mothers give for not exercising, which is unsurprising given the demands placed on us by our children, and the demands we place on ourselves.

So to help those of us who can’t quite seem to find the time to exercise, we chatted with a bunch of busy mothers who consistently manage to fit a workout into their days, and compiled some of their tips.


5 ways to fit in exercise when you’re flat out with the kids


1. Wear your exercise clothes when playing with your kids.

“I wear my gym clothes to the playground which inspires me to exercise while they play. I run laps around the equipment, do pull-ups on the monkey bars, sit-ups and stretches on the grass. I can still keep an eye on them as they play, but am getting a work out at the same time.”

Rhiannon, mother of 3



2. Multi-tasking motor-mama.

Why not combine some of your favourite activities with exercise? Jenny, a food-loving mother of 2 explained how it works for her:

“I found I would always make the time to watch Masterchef, but not to exercise – so I decided to combine the two. My partner comes home in time for me to dash down to the gym where I watch it while on the treadmill.”

Or how about switching those catch-ups with your girlfriends from cafes or playgrounds to a stroll somewhere picturesque?

 3. Get active with the kids.

Make play-time active-time, and you’ll easily clock up incidental exercise in your day. Depending on the age of your child, try playing backyard soccer, hula-hooping, going for a hike, skipping, swimming, totem tennis, bike riding, sprinting games, or dancing around the living room.

Amanda, a mother of 2 boys, shared how she does this:

“I’ve got a boxing-style workout DVD that my little boys love. I put it on and get a work out while they try to follow along, their little fists air-punching in time with the music. Great exercise for me, and so cute to watch them join in.”


4. Stroller-derby.

When your kids are little it’s easy to strap them into a pram and go for a walk. Turn this into a focussed work out with this handy tip:

“I bought a pedometer for $10 and aimed to take 16,000 steps per day. To manage that, I simply walked more with the pram. Having that daily goal made the walks more purposeful yet it didn’t upset my usual routine with Chloe.”

Suse, mother of 3


And the final tip is mine, and may be a little shocking to some:

5. Cancel their activities.

My week was chock-full of play-dates, swimming and sport lessons, library visits, shopping and household chores. Till one day I realised my 3 year old was more active and fitter than I was!

I cancelled his kiddie-sport classes, and changed his weekly swimming classes to quarterly intensive swimming camps. Instead, I use that time – and the money I save – to go to the gym. He’s just as happy and active there at the crèche, and I’m regularly exercising again. Win Win!



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Quick, share! How do you find time to exercise?

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