The Perfect Outfit for ‘Mummy Brain’ Kinda Days

It’s one of those terms that’s so annoying in its political incorrectness – but also because it can be oh so true: ‘The Mummy Brain’.

It’s when you start to forget little details or random items that’re usually tattooed on your brain, and the onset most often coincides with two little blue lines on a pregnancy test.

I’m not sure when exactly it’s supposed to leave because I reckon I still get bouts of it.

For scatter-brained, forgetful, sleep-deprived ‘Mummy Brain’ days, Dr Fox is prescribing this outfit:


Who's got Mummy Brain?

Genius Knit 
$54 –

Oliver Peoples Eyewear
$283 –

Because a bit of positive reinforcement goes a long way.


Do you ever suffer from ‘Mummy Brain’? And tell me, does it ever end?!


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