7 crisp tips to make ironing more manageable

If I ironed more often I’d have so much more to wear!”

The pile of un-ironed clothes in my place just gets bigger and bigger, while my wardrobe gets emptier and emptier. Until finally I break down and spend an entire night into the wee hours slaving over the ironing board, swearing I’ll never let it get so out of hand again.

Sound familiar?

Happily, a bunch of Fox Friends with wrinkle free blouses and neat creases in their pants offered up these 7 crisp tips to help make the worst chore in the world that much more manageable.


“I recently got rid of my ironing basket. Now I just fold or hang everything up. And iron when we need it.” Malinda


“I record trashy shows like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/New York/Atlanta etc then iron while I watch it. Before I know it, my ironing basket is empty (and so is my brain!)” Shelley


“I shake out the item fresh from the wash to minimize creases.” Lauren


“I try not to buy clothes that need ironing then only iron them just before wearing.” Belinda


“I’ve now learnt to just leave it – husband gets jack of the full basket and does it!! He is referred to as my ironing bitch now.” Belinda


“I don’t unless I REALLY have to. I am super anal about folding or hanging straight after I pull it off the line & can get away with not ironing 99% of the time… :)” Samantha


“It’s a good way to wear in new shoes. You feel quite fab ironing in heels!!!” Kylie


What’s your secret to keeping on top of the ironing? And is it your most hated household chore, like me, or do you reckon there are worse things you could do? 



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