Don’t know about you, but I can go through ‘all or nothing’ stages when it comes to jewellery.

When I’m at home I like to take all of my jewellery off – including my wedding ring. I find that with the frequent hand washing from changing nappies and wiping up goopy spills, it’s just easier that way.

But conversely, I love to fossick around in my jewellery box and play dress-ups with my trinkets. Sometimes though, this can mean that I go overboard, piling on a bunch of jewellery in multiple layers, probably making me resemble a child playing dress ups instead of an aspiring fashionista.

But to avoid the pit-falls and extremities of jewellery-nudity or diamond-over-dosing, here are the 5 essentials for a foxy jewellery box.


1. A pair of hoop earrings

A friend also keeps a spare pair in her car. She said:

“I once heard Tyra Banks say you should always leave a pair in your car so if you are caught under-dressed, they will immediately spruce up an outfit.”

2. A cocktail ring

Handy for a shot of colour and bling, and when worn with a strapless, halter or tank style dress of top, will make your arms look longer.


3. A cuff

A modern take on the bangle, and fun to stack with other wrist-adornments. If the new Tiffany & Co cuff, $9,750 (yikes!) is out of your price range, consider a Stainless Steel cuff subtly emblazoned with your choice of subway systems from NYC, London or Paris for just $37.

I love my NYC Metro Cuff sent to me by my friend Marnie! Shop: DesignHypeInc $37.


If you’ve got little ones, look for a soft cuff in leather or with tiny beads so when you hug really tight, you won’t injure them.

As my friend Nina shared:

 “I invested in a few leather cuffs and woven bracelets. They added beautiful natural colour and texture to my basic outfits, yet were soft on the baby’s skin when I held her.”

4. A pair of studs

Classic, discreet and will take you from the playground to infinty and beyond.


5. An everyday necklace

A delicate glint of gold or silver around a woman’s neck is oh-so-subtly sexy.


Want more? If you’re breastfeeding, check out Easy ways to accessorise while nursing,


What’s your favourite piece of jewellery? And do you nude it up, jewellery-wise at home, or do you keep yours on all the time? 

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 Jewellery Box image via the stunning blog, Romiya

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