5 Fab Fox Finds

5 cool things we found this week:



If you’re into fashion bloggers, you know all about 14 year old Tavi Gevinson from The Style Rookie. She’s just launched an online mag for teens called ROOKIE which is pretty much exactly what I wished was around decades ago*. Read it for nostalgia’s sake and pass it onto teenage chicks you know – along with your Smiths albums.



Too old to wear whaaaaat?

And at the other end of the scale, for those of you who may be ever-so-slightly concerned about what is appropriate to wear once you are a “woman of a certain age”, read Dispatches From The Mom Set: We Are Too Old To Wear Whaaaat? Which reminded me of a study that said “89% of women don’t want to dress their age.”  I just want to know who the hell the other 11% are?!



My Zumba instructor, Doris’s Hi-Tops.

They’re adidas Missy Elliot Fly Hoops Mid – released late 2009. Trying to track down a source as we speak…maybe Ebay? I’m 67% certain these will make you dance better – and for those odds, I’m laying down some cash.



DIY Miu Miu Sneakers

If these whet your appetite for sparkly shoes, how about doing a DIY job of your own by following this online tutorial?



Who’s that girl?

I still can’t get over the fact that Fox in Flats was asked to join the Fashion Jury of GRAZIA this week. And that I appeared in a national magazine in my rollers and PJs! If you can’t get down to your local newsagent to pick up a copy, I’ve been sharing the celebrity pics that were judged – and my comments – on the Fox in Flats Facebook page. Join the judging panel and add your fashion verdict!



What were your Fab Finds this week? 

baby hanger

*A slightly depressing thing to write and acknowledge.

Thanks for the GRAZIA scan Danimezza xx


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