Well tickle me with a make-up brush! Top 50 Blogger.

Well tickle me with a make-up brush and call me Foxy!

Fox In Flats has just been announced as one of the Top 50 Best Blogs in Australia.

To say it’s a thrill would be an understatement, as I’ve been angling to appear on a Top 50 list for a while, but to no avail.

Top 50 lists I’ve missed out on:

So for Fox In Flats to make the Kidspot list of Top 50 bloggers is nothing short of a thrill.


Especially as we’re a new kid on the block.

Kidspot interviewed Fox In Flats about why I started the site, and how I come up with ideas for the articles. You can read that here.

But here in our little Fox home, I want to share with you what keeps my fingers tapping away on the lap-top, often late into the night after my boys are fast asleep.

It is you – the people who read Fox In Flats.

Whenever you take the time out of your busy days to type a comment here or via Facebook or Twitter, or write an email, I do a little “seat-dance” and feel all warm and gooey inside – like I’ve just had a shot of Butterscotch Schnapps.


Gorgeous messages like this keep me blogging:

Hi, just wanted you to know I think your posts are amazing! I keep making them favourites because I’m learning so much as an expectant mum 🙂

Nic, via Twitter


“Pre-babies I really loved fashion. My lounge room was covered in magazines and I would’ve classed shopping as one of my favourite hobbies. But now I’m so out of touch or just think what I’m seeing in the occasional magazine is SO not me or relevant to my current daily activities. So I just haven’t bothered too much. But Fox in Flats gives it to me in bite size pieces which is about all I have time to digest.”

Sarah, via Facebook.


Laughing so hard on the article on Toe Cleavage. I love blogs that offer something different.

Via Vogue Forum


“It’s been interesting to see what I’ve got right and what I’ve got wrong with my clothes, and since starting to read Fox In Flats I’ve been on a bit of a shopping bender, mainly at Target, but a bender no less. I’ve come away with a couple of new outfits that I would have been scared to try, but am going to make work, starting with black knee-high boots that I’ve fantasized about for years.
Thanks for your generous advice, especially about hair.

I do love it that the mums on Fox In Flats are having a red-hot go at looking fashionable and good. Looking forward to more inspiration and help.”

Al, via email.


“I love logging in daily to see the new news.”

Felicity, via Facebook.

Thankyou Foxy-mamas.

For all your lovely feedback, and for keeping me smiling and laughing with your funny comments to the articles on the site.

You guys rule.

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Top 50 Bloggers rank-within-the rank.

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Your vote could save me from the embarrassment of coming last, and reliving the shame of every school swimming carnival I attended at school. Oh The Horror!