Toe Cleavage: Too sexy for the playground?

Yesterday, a Fox In Flats Facebook Friend, Pene, asked me about Toe Cleavage:

So a question Miss Fox – Am I the only one who HATES wearing ballet flats because you can see the ends of my toes??? That little bit of toe-cleavage just makes me go ERK!!!”

For the uninitiated, Toe Cleavage, is described by the Urban Dictionary like this:


“When a girl is wearing shoes that show the top of her toes so it

looks like arse or boob cleavage.”


And looks like this:

In some circles, toe cleavage is deemed to be really sexy

A Top Foot Model spoke at length on American TV on the very topic. You can watch that here. She claims “feet are the new accessory”, and “(toe) crack is not whack”. She believes it is a subtle type of sexy though:

They entice you to think…oh, what’s below the cleavage…”


But not everyone agrees

In 2008, a group of lawyers in Memphis spent some time mulling over the suitability of toe cleavage within the dress code of local lawyers. The comprehensive review included an “impromptu modeling of shoes to determine if each pair (extent of toe cleavage) represented ‘cocktail shoes’, and if they did, whether they were inappropriate or disrespectful to the courts.

The toe cleavage deemed offensive to the legal profession.


The Crack Rule

According to lauded Spanish shoe designer, Malono Blahnik, there exists a toe cleavage ‘veil of decorum’ that we should all be aware of, lest we become the victims of the local foot fetishist:

The secret of toe cleavage, [is] a very important part of the sexuality of the shoe; you must only show the first two cracks.”

Two cracks Ladies, just two. You have been told…


Sexy in the playground?

Cleavage is all around us, and often in an engorged breast-feeding state in the playground. So, what’s some additional skin between friends? That said, I would hate my peeping toes, to make another person squirm.

Best to keep your cleavage subtle.

I’d not given toe cleavage much thought prior to now, but in researching this article tried on a bunch of my own shoes to see if I’ve been flashing any, unbeknownst to me.

Turns out, Pene, I don’t own such a revealing pair of shoes, and to be honest, am not sure if my husband would let me out of the house wearing them anyway.

I do, however, think there could be a business opportunity for a lacy foot camisole to cover the toe cleavage in a sexy way…?


Ladies, how do you feel about Toe Cleavage? Do you ‘go ERK!!!’ like Pene? Or do you enjoy the allure of flashing a little toe?

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