7 steps to sexy spring skin

Despite the best intentions, spending the colder months rugged up in layers of woollens can leave our skin looking dull and dry. And if you’re like me, those first few times you’re faced with baring your limbs in sleeveless tops, shorts, and leg baring dresses can be a bit daunting.

How to get sexy legs for summer Fox in Flats Andrea Michelle

But instead of muddling through Spring wearing long sleeves, maxi dresses and your trusty old jeans, follow these seven easy steps to spring clean your skin:

Get your circulation flowing

Before you shower, scrub your body with a soft thick bristled brush all over your skin. Apply in circular motions and brushing toward your heart to increase blood flow.

Remove the debris

Once you are in the shower, grab your favourite body scrub – or DIY your own with a simple mix of olive oil, sea salt, and a squeeze of lemon juice mixed into a paste – and polish away that build up of dead skin cells. This will prime your skin ready to soak up the good stuff that comes next.


Some soaps and body washes can remove the skin’s natural oils, proteins and lipids and can damage your skin further, making them itchy and even dryer than before. Look for hydrating body washes or soaps that’ll cleanse your skin of dirt and oil, yet moisturise at the same time.

Hair removal

If you are shaving, wait till the end of your shower as your skin will be softer, and less likely to become irritated. I tend to jump out of the shower and shave so I don’t end up with a creepy hairy spot that I missed. Don’t use your razor more than three times as it will become blunt, and you’ll be more likely to nick yourself. And speaking from a recent experience, razor cuts bleed more than the second day of your period, so avoid at all costs! If you’re an at-home waxer, check the expiry dates of the pack in your cupboard as they’ll be less effective otherwise.

Andrea Michelle Fox in Flats How to get sexy legs for spring

Do as I say, not as I do…note the massive shaving cut near my ankle. Whoops! 


Pat your skin dry after showering, and while it’s till warm and slightly damp, apply a rich body butter all over. Do the same again before you hit the hay at night to give your skin extra love.

Add colour

No matter how hard we try, our skin can end up with bruises, red spots, or discolouration. So even it out with a touch of colour. Experiment with gradual tanning creams, tans in cans, or get a pro to do it for you. But beware that some of these can dry out your skin and clog pores so be sure to spend time going without to let your skin breathe. Instant tanning creams that wash off can be a great alternative too. Hirudoid cream works well to reduce discolouration from bruising, and you can get over the counter at chemists.

Work it from the inside

Cut down on your intake of salt and refined sugar for smoother looking skin. And keeping up your water intake will not only hydrate, but reduce boating and water retention.

Now get out there and soak up that Vitamin D!

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