How to treat dry, cracked hands without layers of hand cream

dry cracked hands

By Andrea Michelle for Dove

They say on average people wash their hands about ten times a day. But I reckon women with kids would do it about a zillion times more often given nappy changes and feeding times. Not to mention that time of the month when we’re surfing the crimson wave and are spending more time in the bathroom. So it’s little wonder we end up with dry, cracked Mummy hands from all that washing.

A simple solution is to cream up with a rich hand lotion after every wash but if you’ve ever tried to pick up a plastic toy or even a pen straight afterwards and had it slip and slide away we know that’s not the most practical thing to do. Plus, who has time for that?!

And it’s not only women who get ouchy hands. It’s so easy for kids little handles to get dry itchy irritated skin from using soap from hand washing.

best hand creams for sore hands

Washing my hands with liquid soap after making tacos one night and substituting butter for olive oil, ground beef for ground turkey, red kidney beans for four bean mix I wondered if there was a product I could substitute at the sink to clean hands but would leave them moisturized.

Light-bulb moment: our Dove beauty bars.

The boys and I have been using Dove beauty bar with our baths and showers all over for a couple of years now already because it’s formulated with ¼ moisturizing cream so it hydrates while cleansing. And it doesn’t damage the skin barrier which soaps can.

My youngest son in particular is prone to getting dry patches on his skin so that’s really helped to solve the problem without having to resort to special creams or moisturizing products which he’s not a huge fan of.

washing our hands

washing with dove soap

My little one calls it ‘the birdie soap’


Introducing Dove beauty bar to our sinks for hand washing has meant that this winter none of us have suffered from red, sore, itchy dry hands.

dove soap keeps hands soft

As a side benefit, moving from a liquid soap to the Dove bar has meant we’ve all been washing our hands better. It’s all too easy to wash off liquid soap under running water before it really lathers up, but a bar demands a teeny bit more time is spent to get the lather going – which means you’re guaranteed of clean hands.

lather up

And clean hands mean less germs and less chance of colds and flu’s lurking about in your place. Touch wood, the boys are yet to have picked up any lurgies this winter yet, and I reckon it’s because they’re washing their hands better.

dove beauty bar in the bathroom

The kids now use the bar to wash their faces in the morning instead of their typical splash of water or a swipe of a wet flannel, so I’m less likely to have to do a follow up wipe down with a bit of spit on a tissue at the school gates to get rid of remaining traces of Vegemite – ew!

dove soap makes face washing easier

More tips:

  • Make sure hands are washed in warm water – not hot, as that’ll dry them out.
  • Avoid using anti-bacterial hand washes when on the go as they often contain alcohol, and can send you straight to itchy Ouchsville. I’ve tried using moisturizing make up remover wipes instead with great results.


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