How to soothe sore red underarms and get your wardrobe back

How to soothe irritated underarms and get your wardrobe back

Shocking study reveals women are ashamed of their pits, won’t wear certain clothes

By Andrea Michelle for Dove

Imagine not feeling confident enough about wearing your favourite sleeveless, halter, or strapless dress or top because you’re concerned about the state of your armpits??!

A recent study conducted by Dove1 revealed that a whopping 64% of Australian women would do just that when they had irritated skin under their arms as a result of shaving.

My mind kinda exploded when I read the results of this research, because if your wardrobe is anything like mine, it’s crammed with dresses, blouses, jumpsuits, shirts and tops that potentially involve a flash of arm pit when worn. And the idea of precluding over half of my wardrobe is just implausible. Because pulling together an ensemble in the middle of the morning rush is hard enough as it is without any extra complication. Especially when it’s something as un-glam as our pits.

“Happily there are easy ways to soothe your armpits to ensure they are flash-worthy so you can reclaim your wardrobe, stat.”


Understand what is causing the irritation

When we shave our underarms, we scrape each side several times – that’s a lot of scrapes per year if you’re shaving say, twice a week. And according to this study, up to 20% of what we shave off is skin. Ugh, ouch! It doesn’t take the research guys from Dove to explain that this is what sometimes leaves our skin looking red and raw, and feeling sore.


How to help skin repair itself,

and avoid irritated underarms

  1. START thinking of your armpits as you would other parts of your body – it’s an area of skin that needs a bit of care to look its best.
  2. CLEANSE gently using a washcloth to rid your skin of debris and impurities.
  3. RINSE and DRY the area thoroughly.
  4. MOISTURISE and DEODERISE with Dove Original Deodorant. The glycerine in Dove’s unique ¼ moisturising cream formulation helps skin repair itself from the scrapey damage of shaving, leaving underarms soft and smooth. And it gives all-day perspiration protection so you won’t leave sweat marks pooling on your favourite silk top.


And then we can get back to one of our favourite things to do – shopping our wardrobes!

Dove roll on deoderant

Dove Original Aerosol: $5.25 / 100g

Dove Original Roll On: $3.89 / 50ml

Available: Coles, Woolworths, Priceline and selected pharmacies and retailers.



Are you shocked with these research results, or do you also avoid sleeveless clothing when your underarms are sore and irritated?


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1 Dove specialist R=D Auxilliary Report in association with the International Journal of Cosmetic Science

Survey conducted by Dove Australia 2014.

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