5 things I’m loving right now {and they’re all free!}

5 things to love hard right now

By Andrea Michelle

Sometimes the best things in life are free, and my top 5 recent faves are all that. Check ’em out and stock up!



God only knows where we’d be without this song. Filled with love, yet oh so bitter-sweet, it’s widely credited for keeping tissue companies in business for all the tears it’s generated – both happy and sad – for years. And somehow it just got even better with Kylie et al getting amongst it. Kleenex must be stoked.



It’s always a good day when your child gives you something they’ve made for you. I went all 80s style and hooked this little loom band creation made by one of my boys into an earring, and have been wearing all week. I’ll never forget making a bracelet for my Mum when I was little and presenting her with it to wear to a black tie event. Not only did she put it on, but photos surfaced of her much later that night still wearing it. Little gifts, big memories.

crafty accessories by kids




We’ve not hit up a library since we moved a year ago, but recently signed up at our local – a sweet old building near Sydney Harbour. We left with arm loads of books and DVD’s and the kid’s have had their noses firmly wormed into those pages ever since. I continue to be blown away by the fact that we can borrow from libraries for free – we really are so, so lucky!



Nothing like being able to move the office outside now we’re into Spring in Oz, and I’ve just witnessed Pumpkin Spice Lattes being chugged on the other side of the world as it heads into Fall. Ah, those sweet, sweet days as the seasons change.

fox in flats office




I love getting older. Because I’ve witnessed first-hand how life can get cut short all too early (my Mum died when she was 34) every year in late September when I blow the candles out on a birthday cake I consider it to be the greatest gift anyone could give me.

This year was no exception as I was lucky enough to celebrate with friends in New York City of all places. And also, wouldn’t you know it, Esquire mag has decided that my current age – 42 – is officially this year’s ‘most alluring’. How they figure that one out I have no idea, but I’m taking that title and running with it! Read that article here.

birthday in new york


What are you loving right now that’s free? 

baby hanger
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