As comfy as a tracky but with a dash of Va Va Voom!

As comfy as a tracky but with va va voom

By Andrea Michelle


As much as I love my jeans, the minute I get home I like to slip into something a bit more comfy. Something with a bit of give. Something soft. And something that makes me feel good.

Years ago when my boys were babies I fell into a bit of a tracky-dack rut. I had a bunch of favourites on high-rotation and they ticked all the boxes for comfort, softness and give. But one day I caught a sleep-deprived glimpse of myself in the mirror in my tracksuit pants and realised that those baggy, daggy bottoms were dragging me down. I realised I never, ever felt good wearing them.

And even though it was usually just me, a newborn and the slight smell of baby spew at home, I decided to make a teeny tiny bit of extra effort, just for myself.

Enter the knitted skirt 

Elasticised at the waist, soft and fitted, a knitted skirt is as easy to wear as your favourite track pants, but without the “baggy daggies”.

Team it with your favourite sweater, hoodie or T-shirt, and you’ve got an easy, comfy, lolling-around-at-home outfit that’ll make you feel good. And if you wear it snug and short you’ve got a little touch of ‘Va Va Voom’ too, which never goes astray…

Andrea Michelle Fox in Flats Knitted Skirt

I bought my Crosshatch Knit Skirt recently from Shakuhachi for $240, but it’s on sale now for $65 (lucky Foxes!). Shop it here.

Shakuhatchi knit skirt

Shakuhachi knit skirt SALE $65 



Or check out these cute and comfy alternatives:

Knitted skirt 1

Ryder rib knit skirt $169

Knitted skirt 2

BZR Regina Knitted Skirt – Navy SALE $94

knitted skirt 3

Rhyme Los Angeles Foldover Knit Skirt – Black $62

Knitted skirt 4

FATE Justeen Knit Skirt SALE $32


And with that sorted, all you need to do is chill!  


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