Just Jump!

Just Jump! Fox in Flats

By Andrea Michelle

On a blue-skyed Sunday a few months ago, I was with friends on Sydney Harbour when we spotted a bunch of 20-something guys jumping from a high rock cliff into the shimmering water way, way, waaaayy below.

I turned to my pal next to me who was also watching on in amusement and said, “Let’s jump.” The look she gave me said “You’re that person my parents told me to avoid.” But then she shook that off, giggled, and said “Alright.” Within minutes (and before we could chicken out), we’d climbed to the highest part of the boat, held hands, and counted “1, 2, 3!”

Then we were flying. Our limbs jangled like cut marionettes, the wind ribboned around our ears, we emitted an unholy chorus of terror and excitement – and we couldn’t feel more alive.

Afterwards, as we whooped, squealed and high-fived each other in the cold foamy water, our face-splitting grins kept getting wider and wider.

Just Jump Fox in Flats

When we climbed back onto the boat, her husband handed me a towel and asked, “Why did you do that?”

“Because even though it scared the pants off me,

I just knew it’d be worth it.”

And that pretty much sums up this past year for me. Making big decisions, facing fears, feeling like I’m free-falling, experiencing extreme moments of exhilaration, and many of quiet reflection. But trusting that it’d all be OK because I believed could do it, because it’d be worth it, and because I knew had friends around me to share those experiences with.

So this year, don’t be afraid. Just jump. And send us a pic so we can all enjoy your fun.

What fears will you face this year?

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