What’s the recurring theme in your wardrobe?

whats your style signature

By Tegan Taylor

So it’s all about orange today, is it?”

I looked in puzzlement at my coworker until I realised he was referring to my outfit. Yep, without realising it, all the accessories I’d thrown on without thinking about it – sunglasses, purse and wrap – were hues of orange and tangerine.

Tegan in orange

Amber alert! Moi, replete with orange sunglasses, purse and kimono top.


Later, I mentally reviewed my wardrobe and couldn’t believe I’d never noticed the veritable sunset going on in there. And while I hadn’t set out to make orange my signature colour, I realised most of the people I know have a colour or motif that pops up in many of their wardrobe favourites. One of my classiest friends always seems to wear mustard yellow, another is a Breton stripe devotee. And we all know at least one lady whose all-black wardrobe means she’s always the chicest girl in the room.

What’s your style signature?”


Is it a colour, a pattern, or a type of embellishment?

If you don’t have one, or are looking for a change, here’s some inspiration.


Teal blue

Surprisingly versatile, it’ll freshen up neutrals and basics.


Bowie Ashleigh tote bag $196

MINKPINK game, set, match belt $24.95


Polka dots

Minnie Mouse can’t have been wrong all these years! A timeless classic with buckets of fun.


Boutique by Jaeger polka dot knit $70.08

Living Doll hot dot skirt $14.97

Markus Lupfer dot knit $257.54

Mix Apparel crew neck knit $19



Because everything looks better with sparkles!


Supra black sequin hightop trainers $148.92

Lashes of London sequin bomber jacket $104.24

Traffic People sequin swing dress $96.36



An easy way to enjoy a refreshing hit of tasty tang, without the tell-tale drips and dribbles of the actual fruit on your chin. Squeeze liberally.


10 Bells gold lace half-moon necklace $9.98

Vero Moda cardigan $44.95

For 5 more ways to add orange hues to your outfits click here.



What’s the recurring theme in your wardrobe? And did you intentionally make it your signature, or did it happen by accident like me?

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