3 unexpected tips for great hair this winter

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By Andrea Michelle for head & shoulders

In Australia, most of us have ourselves pretty well sorted in terms of our summer hair and beauty tricks. And we’re all very aware of the impact that exposure to sunlight, chlorine, saltwater and humidity can have on our hair and skin during the warmer months, and what we should do to manage it.

But it’s a particularly Australian thing to also get seasonal amnesia about the impact central heating, whipping winds, rainy days and low temperatures have on our hair during winter, as well as the brittle, dry hair and itchy, flaky scalps we suffer through as our comeuppance.

It’s all so gosh-darn unnecessary. Because the truth is, keeping our hair looking gorgeous as the temperature plummets is really very simple. Certainly much simpler than coaxing a two year old to leave the playground to go home for naptime, I assure you. Here’s how:


Re-think your hat situation

We know it’s sensible to cover our heads when outdoors in winter to stay warm, and to keep our hair protected from blustery wind, rain and snow which can leave you with dry, brittle hair, a tangled mess, or at worse, looking like a drowned rat. The flip side of hats though is the dreaded “hat head”, and static-y hair once you take it off.

To counteract this, stick to cotton hats, which conduct less static electricity than acrylic or wool. Or if you can’t part with your wool fedora or cozy beanie, consider wrapping your hair in a silk scarf before putting it on to protect your hair from damage caused by it rubbing against your hair, and to cut down on static. Also, ensure your hat is not too tight, as it can interfere with the circulation in your scalp leaving it more likely to get dry, flaky and itchy.

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Invest in a humidifier

This may sound counterintuitive, as we might think that humidity equals frizzy hair. Yet when heating is on at home, the air becomes dry leaving hair feeling parched and static-y. A humidifier will add that much needed moisture back into the air, keeping your locks smooth and moisturised.


Stock up on anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner

The other day one of my boys were sent home with that dreaded note from school saying there was an outbreak of hair lice in his class. Before I even had the chance to check his head, I found myself scratching my own – sound familiar? But when I had a friend inspect my scalp the next day for those pesky critters, she said she couldn’t see any lice. Instead, she saw a few flakes in my hair.

Product build up can be a reason for this, but in winter, it’s more likely to be dandruff.

With less humidity in the air, there’s a big chance your scalp will dry out, leaving it dry, itchy, and flaky. And worse, dandruff flakes can trap oil at the roots of your hair, leaving you with limp locks.

head & shoulders Apple Fresh shampoo and conditioner not only knocks this problem on the head, but will leave you with soft, beautiful hair.


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At first I was kind of wary about using anti-dandruff products, as I had a pre-conceived idea that they might wreck my expensive hair colour, dry out my hair, and leave it with a strong chemical stink. But after using this, my colour remained intact, my hair felt nourished, looked bouncy, and smelt like fresh apples.

fresh healthy hair fox in flats andrea michelle


Also, with regular use it’ll stop dryness coming back, so it’s a good idea to switch your shampoo and conditioner to an anti-dandruff one in cooler weather to keep your scalp moisturised and your hair full of body.

head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner fox in flats


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