Disco digits: The cheater’s mani

By Andrea Michelle

My digits have been in a disco for the last couple of months.

glitter polish

Photos: Temptalia,  Fables in fashion

And it’s less to do with having an iPod full of fat tunes (or should that be ‘phat tunes’? I don’t really speak lingo-esque), and more to do with the fact that I rarely (if ever) have enough time to sit down and do a bang-up, at-home mani.

So I’ve been using disco-inspired glitter nail polish to cheat my way through preparations for our summertime, child-free outings.

Because usually, I only barely manage to squeeze in doing my nails on the kitchen counter while passing on last-minute instructions to the babysitter. Or in the car at traffic lights on the way to our destination. (And so far, no traffic – or disco – injuries of note.) Obviously, none of this is ideal.

glitter mani

This silver glitter mani was applied in the car on the way to visit my friend Ana


So if you find you don’t have time to give yourself a proper mani either, why not try my 8 step disco digit how-to, using glitter nail-polish.

The consistency of glitter polish means it dries faster, and any smudges or scratches are disguised in the texture of the polish. And your nails will amp up even the most basic of outfits with their glinting, winking, glittering gleam.


Here’s what you do:

Once you’re totally dressed, your hair & makeup wizardry is complete, and the sitter is at action stations…

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of quick-dry base-coat.

Step 2: Let babysitter know what time the kids need to go to bed, as well as how many times it’s likely they’ll call out or sneak out before they actually fall asleep.

Step 3: Apply thin layer of glitter polish.

Step 4: Remind your babies to be good for the sitter. Make up some sort of bribe incentive or reward to get them to comply, ensuring it is not one that will encourage them to wake up even earlier than usual (Tip: Morning TV = bad idea).

Step 5: Apply second thin layer of glitter polish.

Step 6: Give raised eyebrow to your partner as they stand by looking at their watch. Ask him kindly to toss your keys/lipstick/purse/mobile into your clutch as your nails have rendered you unfit for the task.

Step 7: Apply quick-dry topcoat.

Step 8: Kiss and hug the kids with hands raised above your head to avoid smudges. Tell them you’re practicing your dance moves. Smile at babysitter in a reassuring manner, and let them know what time to expect you home. Then get the heck out of there before you’re asked to wipe another nose or bottom.


As an added bonus, glitter polish also works a treat for these 3 polish problems:


1. When you’ve got one chipped nail.

single glitter nail

Simply layer glitter polish over the top. Seriously, it’s ‘the fashion’.


2. When the ends of your polish are chipped.

Glitter tip polish

Just paint the tips.

3. And when your salon shellac is growing out.

shellac mani re-growth

2 step tutorial here.


I’ve been using a silver and a gold glitter polish from ORLY that I picked up for a couple of dollars at the local chemist, but also check out Illamasqua Swinger, Revlon Gold Coin, Chanel Diwali, or a multi-glitter polish like OPI Burlesque.


Now, who’s up for a boogie? Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care!

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