How do you get your mojo back when it’s gone walk-about?

It’s 8:56pm, the kids are snuggled in bed with my hubby reading them books (yup, later than we’d like, but I was hanging’ with them tonight to make up for a couple of super-busy snuggle-lite days). Up until 24 minutes ago I was staring at a blank page, and a flashing cursor , with a side-order of Humongous To-Do List.

While I adore producing Fox in Flats and all of the awesome things that buzz around it, tonight’s one of those nights when it can be hard to get my ‘Fox’ on.

So, in a cry for help, I posted this on the Fox in Flats Facebook:


And then the Fox-community kicked in with lashing of tips and ideas:

“Play music and change your clothes.” offered Naomi

“Make a coffee and then keep having coffee!” said Corrie

“No Facebook!” exclaimed Kristin

“Coffee and ’90s Madonna.” from the chicks at Girl PR

“Music and Red Bull!” said Cath

“Hot shower, fun music & fresh clothes that suit the work.” offered Suzanne


Action stations into my favourite foxy faux fur jacket, red lipstick, and a spray of fresh perfume. I lit up my sweetest smelling candle, and then I jammed the ear-buds in and cranked my 2012 track du jour up loud!

Welcome back Kotter. Mojo is officially back in the building.”

And as I was sitting here, seat dancing, singing loud, grinning like a Cheshire, and banging away on my lappie, I felt a gentle touch on my furry shoulder. After jumping out of my bedazzled jeans, and squealing in fright I heard Mr Fox whisper: “The boys are ready for their night-time kiss.


Off to lay some ridiculously red bed-time kisses, and rip into some fox-spiration!


How to get your mojo back when you’re in a bit of a rut?  

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Image: via Pinterest

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