6 top tight-wearing tips

By Kim-Marie Williams

We all need a splash of colour in our lives, and tights can be a simple – and inexpensive – way of adding some joie de vivre to an otherwise standard outfit.  Here are a couple of ways I like to mix coloured and patterned tights into my everyday wardrobe, and a bunch of tips to make it easy for you to do so too.


  1. Colour Match
    Matchy matchy is not a good look, but taking one colour from a pattern and wearing that as coloured tights is a great way of dressing up a standard look.  One of my favourite Leona dresses has a black background with a red, white and teal-green pattern.  I matched the teal with some Leona leggings.  In winter, I wear this dress with boots and a belted cardigan.  In warmer times, I wear it with footless tights and pretty sandals.

TIP: Choose a colour that’s in your outfit and highlight with your tights.


  1. Black and Blue
    Not just seen on bruises!  Black and blue are two classic colours that many shy away from pairing, but I think they’re fab together.  It’s the unexpectedness of it that makes it work so well.  I like to switch this look around by wearing lots of different shades of blue (cobalt, navy, pale blue… even purples) together, anchored by, say, a black skirt or black accessories.  Navy shoes and cobalt tights is a great look, for example.  So are purple shoes with navy tights.  To me, purple and black are a bit “witchy” but purple and blue and black?  Quirky perfection.

TIP: Try shades of blue with black accessories.


  1. Grey is fab, not drab!
    Grey and black can be drab, but equally, they can be luxe and glamorous.  I go grey, black, grey, black, grey, black from head to toe, or vice versa, ie. black shoes, grey tights, black skirt, grey top, black jacket, grey and black accessories.  If you’re a bit nervous about this, try wearing charcoal grey or pearl gray tights to ease yourself into the idea.


  1. Pattern Clash
    Patterned tights are fun too.  The easiest way to wear them is to add a patterned tight to an otherwise plain outfit – like a denim skirt, boots and a top.  Some patterned tights peeking out make for a fab look.  I wore a pattern clash outfit to a Ladies’ High Tea recently.  Painterly patterned, high-waisted Cue skirt, black top, vintage Balmain quilted patterned jacket (major market find!) and some lovely lace patterned tights from the bargainous Sussan’s.  Paired with a mad Mimco hat and Tony Bianco black suede platform heels, I felt quite chic!


TIP: Patterned tights add interest and texture. 


  1. One bright point!
    Just like adding a pair of patterned tights to an otherwise plain outfit, I like to add a pop of colour with coloured tights to a classic outfit.  I think this works particularly well with a classic patterned or plain wrap dress.  If your classic dress or outfit is monochrome, you can wear just about any colour you like.

TIP: Bright tights add a pop of colour to a classic outfit. 


  1. Nudie Rudie
    One of my absolute favourites is fishnet tights.  I particularly love nude fishnets.  They give you the look of bare legs but give you a little more coverage, without the shiny legs from the traditional sheer tights.  Quite often, they have a cotton elastic waistband and are much more “breathable” on a very hot day than sheers.  They also add a touch of vintage glamour, which works for me!


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Do you wear coloured or patterned tights regularly? And what’s your favourite outfit to wear them with? 

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