How a white shirt could save your life

Jan was 31 when she complained of ‘pain’. 3 years later she died.

Helen was 46 when her daughter discovered a lump in her lower tummy as she was giving her a hug. 12 months later she died.

Diane was 58 when she had an irregular smear and abdominal bloating. 2 years later, she died.

All of these women – my mum Jan, and the mothers of my dear friends Bec and Jackie – all had Ovarian Cancer. And they found out after it could be treated.

Currently, one Australian woman dies every 10 hours from Ovarian Cancer.”


Early detection of Ovarian Cancer could have saved my mum’s life. And it could save yours.

Unlike some other cancers like Breast Cancer or Bowel Cancer, there is currently no simple or effective early screening method, which means most women diagnosed are already in the advanced stages of the disease.

Click here for more information on the symptoms and signs of Ovarian Cancer.


What can we do right now?

Witchery have teamed up with the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to raise much-needed funds to drive the research into an early detection test for Ovarian Cancer.

From now until May 19th – official White Shirt Day – Witchery are donating 100% of all gross proceeds from the sale of white shirts in store and online to the Foundation. This year, Witchery have created eight shirts for women and two shirts for men. You can shop them now in store and online here.

On OCRF White Shirt Day – Saturday May 19, 2012 – Australians will be urged to unite and wear a white shirt to shine the spotlight on this dreadful disease and show support to all.

And while it’s fab to share pics of gorgeous models wearing some of the shirts…

 Witchery White Shirt campaign


…I thought I’d also get some people really special to me to model a few of the white shirts, in a more relaxed context (read: we got a little dirty…)

 My big boy is wearing Witchery White Tuxedo Shirt $129


My little boy is wearing Placket Front Shirt $149.95


I’m wearing Broderie Shirt $129


Given that a White Shirt is one of our 13 wardrobe essentials every mother can’t do without, you just can’t go wrong by stocking up. For tips on how to wear your white shirt, click here.

But if you’d simply like to make a cash donation directly to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, click here.


I’m super-keen to do all I can to stick around for my little ones, and I’m sure you are too. Let’s band together for their sake, and ours, to find a way to detect, and ultimately cure, this horrible disease.

Because it really sucks growing up without a mum.


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