Last weekend, I had five very dear girlfriends over for dinner. Women I’d not seen for a long time, and with whom I’d formed magnificent friendships.

As they were all gathered around my dining table giggling, gabbing and guzzling champagne, I was in the kitchen frantically compiling what I desperately hoped would be an awesome nibbles platter: stinky and creamy cheeses,  salty prosciutto, olives marinated in tequila & chilli, multiple bowls of delicious dips, and a bloom of crispy, sea-salty, wafery things for scooping and spreading.

But I didn’t want it to just be a feast for the taste buds; I wanted it to be a feast for the eyes, too. Just like on TV.

And then I remembered this:

Image credit: Happiness is…

In a lightbulb moment, I stopped fussing, grabbed the platter and my glass of champers, got the hell out of the kitchen and joined my lovely friends. They then proceeded to gratefully tuck in to the goodies, none the wiser to my mind’s road trip to the land of ‘Make it good enough for MasterChef’ and back again.

See, I’ve never gotten into Masterchef.

Apart from there seeming to be a fair bit of crying (which after a day with the kids, I can definitely do without), it just reminds me of what a bad cook I am. Plus, I don’t really want to spend loads of time in the kitchen making food look stunning when, instead, I could be with my friends and family, who are much more stunning.

 The cheers platter!


The next day in a slightly hungover moment of clarity, I realised there were a number of other things that it seems like everyone else is doing, but I’m not ‘getting’.

Brazilian waxing is one.

False eyelashes are another.

I tried having a short, blunt fringe when they were big in 1994, but once was enough to make me vow never to have one again in this lifetime. Unfortunately, I did the fringe again after the birth of my second child, with the same sorry result. I blame the fact that child birth can make you forget important things, awful haircuts and painful deliveries inclusive.

What’s ‘everyone else doing’ that you feel you ‘should’ join into but just don’t dig? And have you ever actually jumped off a ‘trend bridge’ and regretted it? 

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  • I normally see if a “trend” fits me. Won’t say yes to something that makes me feel uncomfortable. Waxing is something I tried on myself a long time ago. NEVER AGAIN. No matter what people say, I stick to what I’m comfortable with, especially when it comes to involving PAIN! I am NOT game to do eyelash extensions…feels a bit like having Botox done on your face IMO. As in great but the upkeep – no thanks. False eyelashes…I’ve tried them but not gone out with them – too scared they might fall off. So don’t think I’ll go there again, until I feel confident enough and if the style looks “natural” enough? Gosh..I can go on and on, but might end up writing up a post on your comments section if I did! 😀

  • I am WITH YOU on the Brazilian waxing – apart from the PAIN, I really don’t want to look like an eleven year old. That’s just plain creepy! I am a woman, not a pre-pubescent CHILD. Sure, a “tidy up the bush” wax so you don’t freak the kids out at the pool in a cossie, but do you really have to have it all off with a teeny- tiny landing strip? As I said…creepy kiddie porn. Not necessarily an aspiration on mine.

    I also don’t see myself ever doing huge themed kids birthday parties. Cake? Yes. Sausage rolls? Yes. Fairy Bread? Yes. Themed table decorations and party favours? HELL NO! Some I have seen have been such huge productions. And the mother looks like she needs more than a drink. She needs a pack of valium. Why do ti to yourself? I’m not sure the kids acre much. If it’s to impress the other Mums, give yourself a break!

    • Hearing you Kelly! And I was so guilty of the party thing first time around. We even did a pirate themed party and my husband & I dressed up as pirates! LOL. Now days it’s a bit of backyard fun. No dress ups! x

  • Ha, we are a little obsessed by My Kitchen Rules at the moment, and laugh when we “plate-up” dinner – we have two under 5 and dinner is not a fine dining experience! Though it did inspire my sweet husband to get out his pasta maker the other day, which was a bit of fun, and the first time he’s used it since arriving from England nearly 10 years ago!  As far as Brazilians – I cannot imagine putting myself through that. Never been one for extreme personal grooming. Can’t go the fringe as I have a great cowlick – though I did give it (the fringe) a burl in my late teens. So, not a dedicated follower of “fashion” here!

    • Mary that’s so cute about the pasta maker!
      I do ‘plate up’ for the kids sometimes: usually smiley faced shaped veggies and fish fingers.. 😉 

  • I will never, ever cut my hair short again. I cut my hair into a Pob (thanks Victoria Beckham) and have spent the past 4 years growing it out. The next time I will cut it will be after my wedding next year and will be to my collarbones.

    I am, however, one of those ‘freaks’ who gets a Brazilian without fail every 4-5 weeks and loves any excuse to rock a pair of false eyelashes.

    I guess I’m just a kooky little character…!!

    • Ah yes the ‘short haircut in the 20’s’ thing, right? I did that too. Although I kindof liked it. Your hair is so super fab!
      I don’t think Brazilians are freaky. Just tooooooo painful for me to endure. Ouch!!! x

  • Loved this post! I threw myself into Instagram recently but then found myself trying too hard sometimes to make things look pretty for a photo, rather than enjoying the moment. I had to take a step back to remind myself to live my life rather than documenting it.

    • LOL I get that, totally. Was having a rare coffee alone with my husband and we were both instagraming the pretty mugs. When I realised I nearly doinked myself on the head with the iPhone… duh! Life is for living not documenting – so agree! x

  • Ohhh, I am no longer guilty of this!!   Would get a bikini wax if I could be bothered but since the kids I feel like the whole world has seen my lady parts so what’s one more ? false eyelashes well no, Ms sneezy hay fever here.. would probably end up in my coffee or wine.. Mine are short and straight, unlike both my kids who got my husband thick long lashes ( insert whiny tantrum here) I do get them permed though.. yes you read that right!!

  • I don’t get spray tans.  I had one.  I hated it. I smelled horrible, had to walk back to my car with no bra and paper knickers. No one could touch me for hours. I just looked orange.  Worst of all, the next day for my husband’s 40th, I was golden from the décolletage up and Agent Orange down – luckily I had a strapless maxi I could wear as the cocktail frock I’d planned looked terrible!  I looked utterly ridiculous in my bikini the next day too. I went to a very reputable salon with an experienced tanner, with products I’d tested and trusted.  Never again.

    Lash extensions – what a con.  Itchy, uncomfortable and expensive to boot.  I found it very difficult not to get eyeshadow on the tops of the lashes, which wasn’t a good look.  They did look good though but not for me.

    I’ve tried gel nails and acrylic nails and am not a fan of either.  For someone with such terrible nails, I’m amazed how fast they grow.  I had to get weekly infills!  Both boring and expensive.

    I am, however, a Brazilian girl.  I do it because I prefer it. But, girls, can we just clear something up?  I do not look like a prepubescent girl by any stretch of the imagination.  I have a caesarean scar, a curvaceous tummy, gently flaring hips, a woman’s posterior, stretch marks.  There is nothing about me that resembles a young girl.  Removing my pubic hair does not make me look like a prepubescent girl.  It makes me look like a woman with little to no pubic hair.  It is not creepy.  It is not kiddie porn.  Come now, please.  I think it is time to stop flogging this particular dead horse.

    • Agree Kim-Marie, I don’t think Brazilians are ‘kiddy porn’ stuff either. I just think they friggen hurt, and my pain threshold – which is, for the record, high – is not THAT high! LOL! x
      Also agree, nail stuff is BORING. Where’s the fairy nail godmother when you need her? 

  • Washing my hair everyday, then drying it, then straightening/styling. I can’t feel bothered, my hair takes like a week to feel oily and I only blowdry it roughly once a fortnight anyway! I admire the girls I see in the gym every morning though, putting that much effort into their appearence.

    Jeesh, I sound like a bad beauty blogger reading that back. I guess I make up for it by moisturing excessively.

    Oh, and you won’t find me riding my vintage bike around Surry Hills in teeny jean cut-offs, with my artfully stubbled, dreamy photographer boyfriend, buying bunches of daisies and thifting successfully, while being shot for a street style blog. I will never be a hipster manic pixie dream girl, and I need to accept this.

    • LOL you painted such a picture of the bike riding girl – love it! 
      And Michaela, if you’ve got hair like that, you should be high-fiving yourself! Sounds awesome! x

  • I am not watching New Girl.
    I am also not getting false nails and hair.
    I don’t like clothes and accessories that scream brand, wealth and luxury.
    I don’t read gossip mags.
    I don’t like Katy/Gaga/Bruno/Beyonce/much commercial music.

  • Now I need to set the record straight on one thing – your plating up was perfect!  Check out the photo up there – the crackers are even all splayed out!! 
    I cannot think of anything that I particularly regret doing – eek!
    I am lucky to have nice eyelashes so I don’t bother with fake/extensions…  I have had spray tans and do quite like them but generally don’t because I hate the idea of the tanning woman asking me if I have been sitting on a Rattan Couch all day when really that is my cellulite – double eeeek!!
     I have done a brazillian but kind of like a little bit of girl fur so happily have a little left (I have heard rumours that by the time you are old it falls out anyway, so I will one day be a part of the Brazillian crowd!!)  I have never had a haircut I hated except for when I had my very long hair cut by an apprentice when I was about 10 and ended up looking like Rod Stewart – triple eeek!!!  Even the 80’s spiral perm with the blow dried back rolly style fringe that stuck up like a tidal wave was very cool at the time…  I don’t go to a gym (though I should…) I am happy to have make-up free days (and go out in public!) and
    I guess with all been said and done I roll to the beat of my own drum quite a lot so I am not at any risk of jumping off any bridges to follow major trends… also I will never plate up like those cooking shows because simply put THERE IS NOT ENOUGH ON THE PLATE!!!  🙂

    Are cocktails and alcohol trendy?  Happy to follow that!! xx 

  • I like Ryan Gosling but I don’t luuuurve him. Is something wrong with me? It seems like all women love him. Why don’t I? Eek.

  • I do everything I want for ME not because everyone is else is doing it!

    I’m a full Brazilian Wax girl (all off) and I challenge anyone who thinks I’d look like a little girl to come and take a real look – getting it all off at my age – there’s absolutely NO WAY I look like a little girl! I do it because it feels clean, comfortable and I NEVER want to see a grey one down there 🙂 Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

    Love spray tans, false nails, false eye-lashes, etc – just can’t afford the upkeep…. But if I could I would!

    I can’t really think of anything I’m not doing that everyone else is – I guess I just do whatever I please!

    I love clothes, shoes, accessories, gai

    Ohh, actually, I’m not doing Botox which everyone else seems to be ….. But only because I can’t afford it right now – give me a few more months!!

    I’m not shallow or anything – I just like what I like 🙂

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