If everyone jumped off a trend bridge, would you?

Last weekend, I had five very dear girlfriends over for dinner. Women I’d not seen for a long time, and with whom I’d formed magnificent friendships.

As they were all gathered around my dining table giggling, gabbing and guzzling champagne, I was in the kitchen frantically compiling what I desperately hoped would be an awesome nibbles platter: stinky and creamy cheeses,  salty prosciutto, olives marinated in tequila & chilli, multiple bowls of delicious dips, and a bloom of crispy, sea-salty, wafery things for scooping and spreading.

But I didn’t want it to just be a feast for the taste buds; I wanted it to be a feast for the eyes, too. Just like on TV.

And then I remembered this:

Image credit: Happiness is…

In a lightbulb moment, I stopped fussing, grabbed the platter and my glass of champers, got the hell out of the kitchen and joined my lovely friends. They then proceeded to gratefully tuck in to the goodies, none the wiser to my mind’s road trip to the land of ‘Make it good enough for MasterChef’ and back again.

See, I’ve never gotten into Masterchef.

Apart from there seeming to be a fair bit of crying (which after a day with the kids, I can definitely do without), it just reminds me of what a bad cook I am. Plus, I don’t really want to spend loads of time in the kitchen making food look stunning when, instead, I could be with my friends and family, who are much more stunning.

 The cheers platter!


The next day in a slightly hungover moment of clarity, I realised there were a number of other things that it seems like everyone else is doing, but I’m not ‘getting’.

Brazilian waxing is one.

False eyelashes are another.

I tried having a short, blunt fringe when they were big in 1994, but once was enough to make me vow never to have one again in this lifetime. Unfortunately, I did the fringe again after the birth of my second child, with the same sorry result. I blame the fact that child birth can make you forget important things, awful haircuts and painful deliveries inclusive.

What’s ‘everyone else doing’ that you feel you ‘should’ join into but just don’t dig? And have you ever actually jumped off a ‘trend bridge’ and regretted it? 

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