Gwyneth wears Converse, sits on a pouffe

In the latest instalment of Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog, goop, she’s spotted wearing a pair of beaten up Converse as she takes a breather from her busy day trawling a Parisian Trade Show.


And while a $629 hand knitted pouffe may be hard to justify knowing The Toddler will use it as a handy hand-wiping bench, the Converse at around $50 are worth every penny.


Gwyn and I share more than just the same birth date – I’ve got beaten up Cons too! Pity we don’t share the same bank accounts, ex-boyfriends, and Oscars outfits


It’s little wonder that Converse made our list of the 13 wardrobe essentials every mother can’t do without, and were named the second favourite shoe by mums.


What type of casual sneaker is your favourite?

Which of Gwyneth’s ex-boyfriends is your favourite??

And was Gwyneth’s Oscars outfit your favourite? Or did you love someone else’s more???

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