The 5 best shoes for mothers.

Unless you are Victoria Beckham, you have probably already worked out that flat soled shoes are the most practical for when you are looking after your children.

I need flats now to deal with pulling prams in and out of cars, and so my feet don’t hurt when having to do laps around the shops when my baby is asleep. Picnic Point, NSW.

Enough said.

But which flat soled shoes are the favourites of mothers when they are with their kids?

We surveyed about 150 mothers from very different walks of life, and from around the world including Australia, United States, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Cayman Islands, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. As part of the survey, we asked about shoes.

Here are the top 5 favourite shoes, as voted by mothers.

1. Thongs / Flip flops

Given the proportion of Australians completing the survey, it’s little surprise that the Thong (Flip flop, or Jandal, depending where you hail from) came in as number one, with 62% claiming these as their shoe love.

Despite being popular world wide, we have embraced the small slab of rubber as our own, even hauling Kylie Minogue toward the centre stage at the closing ceremony of the 2000 Olympics, atop a giant thong. Noice.

Clearly, the warmer weather here has something to do with that, but ‘ease’ was cited by a quarter of all mothers as the reason for their selection.

They are easy to put on and off, especially when you are holding a baby in your arms.  Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Also, they are cheap, available almost anywhere, and come in a rainbow of colours.

I have an ever increasing collection of Havianas – including some swarovski crustal encrusted ones. Annandale, NSW, Australia.

Although beware – they could potentially kill you, according to Leah Chernikoff from the She conducted a freakishly in depth study on the dangers of flip-flop wearing. Click here to read, and be totally grossed out.

Birkenstock Gizeh Patent (range of colours) $53-79

Podiatrists have also expressed concern about the impact of extended flip flop wearing, and suggest Birkenstocks may be a good alternative if you suffer from foot or back pain.

2. Casual sneakers

I must admit, I spent most of 2008, 2009 and 2010 living in my Converse, so it’s no surprise that 48% of those surveyed love them too.

They’re flexible and functional, and Converse are my favourite looking shoe. I have, ooh, a dozen of them. At least. Adelaide, SA, Australia.

This sparkly pair are on my wish list after seeing my gorgeous friend Kath wearing them a few months ago, while heavily pregnant.

They’re kind of like what Dorothy would have worn had she knew that the yellow brick road was going to be so long.

Converse Chuck Taylor Sequins Ox silver SALE $70

3. Ballet slippers came a very close third.

Chic, classic, and comfy. You just can’t help feeling a little bit Audrey Hepburn in these.

Lulu Monochrome Bow Ballet Pumps $45

4. Knee high boots

Our own mothers loved these in the 70’s, and they have been dominating the playground attire for mums through the late noughties.

knee high boots

This year though, how about considering an ankle boot for a change? And if you’re not quite sure how to wear them, take a look here for some tips.

Annamarie Leather lace up boot SALE $43

Or, dig out your classic cowboy boots.

I’ve been inspired to try mine again after reading this from a mother in Austin, Texas, USA. Yee-ha!

I LOVE my cowboy boots – I had them custom made for my foot so they feel almost like bedroom slippers and look cool.

5. Sandals

A summer essential, and something to suit every style.

Finn Leather Toe Thong Sandal $22

The gladiator remains popular, despite what Madonna’s daughter may say.

So, what makes these fantastic five shoes so popular with mums?

‘Comfort’ said 57% of women.

I want a shoe I can wear all day, and not be aware I am wearing them, Singapore.

Ease of taking on and off, was the second most important consideration.

But, I just love how this mum from Calgary, Alberta, Canada summarised her favourite mummy shoes:

Ballet Shoes (hide bad/old nail polish) and they are always at the door ready to go. Sand shoes don’t get stones in them at the park. Knee high boots always make me feel a little special and groovy. Sandals for when the nail polish is fresh and lovely.

What are your favourite shoes for when you are with your kids?

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