25 ways to be a flying fox


Whether it’s a quick interstate trip to visit the rellies, or a long-haul flight to the other side of the world, deciding what to wear and carry with you on a plane can be tricky. And it’s complicated further if you’re heading to a place where the weather will be the exact opposite of where you’re taking off from.

I’ll be facing that dilemma on the weekend when I leave a wet, tropical Sydney summer behind to spend a week in Denmark for Copenhagen Fashion Week and to attend the ECCO ‘Walk In Style’ Awards. The 10-day forecast is for average temperatures of around zero degrees. Brrr!

Yet, I haven’t flown overseas for a while so, feeling a tad rusty, I called on a bunch of my more travel-hardened buddies who live scattered throughout the world and asked them to share their best tips on flying internationally not only in comfort, but in style too.


Here’s the style low-down for when you’re flying high:


Layers of comfort

1. “Dress in layers so you can adjust to temperature changes on board, during your stop-overs and at your destination. I’ve always got a tank, T-shirt, cardigan, jacket and scarf with me. It’s failsafe.” Nic, Barcelona.

2. “Wear a soft cup bra, or pack one to change into in flight.” Kristie, Melbourne.

3. “Look for clothing with natural fibres and stretch.” Holly, London.

4. Remember: No-one ever got upgraded while wearing trackies. Not even J. Lo.


Speedy travels

5. “Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off. Getting through the security gates becomes so much easier. Try a ballet flat, or classic loafer.” Kristie, Melbourne.

6. Piles of chunky metal cuffs and bracelets will hold you up also. Pack these in your luggage, and opt for woven or beaded accessories instead.

7. “Try to score a seat as close to the front as possible for a faster, less stressful exit.” Annie, Toronto.

8. Keep your hands free for important things like filling in customs forms and testing out new perfumes in Duty Free. Take a handbag that’ll strap across your body or hook onto your wheeled carry bag.


 Steal Jennifer Aniston’s look, here.


Get that beauty sleep

9. “Exercising before the flight will tucker you out, and your body will be ready for a rest.” Bev, Singapore.

10. “Ear-plugs are a must.” Jo, Sydney.

11. “I know they say you should drink loads of water to stay hydrated – and that’s true – but a few glasses of red help me sleep like a baby, every time.” Marnie, New York.

12. A large, soft pashmina comes in handy to snuggle into in-flight, or as a makeshift pillow, and is a great post-flight accessory  (…especially if you’ve split drops of that red wine down your top. Hic!)

13. “If you’re tired, eat before the flight so you can sleep on the plane and not be interrupted by the hosties at mealtimes.” Annie, Toronto.

14. “Pack an extra, thicker, softer, comfier pair of socks to change into once you’re settled in your seat. The ones the airlines give you on international flights aren’t warm and feel gross and scratchy.” Belinda, Singapore.

15. Breath mints, or a minty breath spray, will ensure you don’t startle the air hostess with your post-nap breath.


Treat your skin first-class

16. On a long flight, take your makeup off as soon as you get settled, and slather your face in a rich moisturiser and eye-cream. Recirculating plane air is not your skin’s friend.

17. “Reapply eye-cream and moisturiser throughout the flight. Often.” Corina, Hong Kong.

18. “Hydration mists are great to wake you up and help prevent your skin from becoming dehydrated.” Belinda, Singapore.

19. “Keep your favourite lip balm handy and apply regularly.” Jenny, Seattle.

20. “If you’re hands get dry, pack a mini hand-cream.” Belinda, Singapore

Kirsten Dunst at LAX, Jan 21st. Photo: Bauer Griffin
Arrive in style

21. “Re-apply your makeup prior to landing. You’ll feel so much better.” Annie, Toronto.

22. “Dry shampoo will freshen up your hair.” Nic, Barcelona.

23. “Stash an Alice band, hair ties and bobby pins in your bag, and smooth your hair back, off your face before you touch down. It’ll look groomed and you’ll feel fresh.” Jo, Sydney.

24. “I pack my toothbrush and brush my teeth before we land.” Holly, London.

25. “Sunglasses are your friend – especially for those early morning arrivals where the light is blinding.” Heidi, Sydney.



What’s in my carry-on so far…

L-R: Cream pashmina, my favourite ECCO Kenna loafers (on sale at the moment for $129!), Anna Wintour biography ‘Front Row‘ – you know, reading up on her just in case we get on the chat…, Passport, Wallpaper City Guide to Copenhagen, my trusty RayBan Aviators, about $199, benefit Ultra Radiance Mist about $47, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, about $17, MECCA Travel essentials set $50, Batiste Dry Shampoo about $12, Leopard print light-weight cardigan, about $30 by Woman by Peter Morrissey at BigW.


I’ll also be taking my camera and laptop on board – they’ll be essential tools to document the goings-on at Copenhagen Fashion Week so I won’t be letting them out of my sight.

Next week, I’ll be sharing style updates direct from Denmark on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to join Fox in Flats in flight by becoming a fan on Facebook here, or a Twitter follower, here.

Plus, Princess Mary – every Australian woman’s poster girl for marrying up – will be presenting an award to the winner of the ECCO ‘Walk in Style’ Awards that I’ll be attending next Tuesday night. I’m planning to corner her in the ladies room and convince her to reveal the royal secrets to looking so damn glam. Got a burning question for the Princess? Drop me a line here and I’ll be sure to scribble it on to the palm of my hand before the event so I don’t forget to ask her on your behalf.

A question for Princess Mary:

Sorry, all orders for Duty Free have already been filled, but I’ll try to score some spare goodie bags from the Fashion Shows to give away on-site when I get back!


And speaking of giveaways, click here because you could win a $500 gift voucher from ECCO shoes. Or Subscribe to our newsletter to get all the details.


What’s your secret to being a fox while flying?

Got any hot tips for what to check out in Copenhagen?

Please tell me, how, oh how, am I going to stay warm?!

And, most importantly, has anyone ever managed to say “no” to those mini-tubes of Pringles that are ubiquitous on flights and in hotel mini-bars? 

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