Shopping for clothes when you’re with your kids can be what nightmares are made of.

More than once, I’ve had to dash half-dressed from a boutique’s change room to retrieve an escaping toddler who’s been gripped by the desire to either remodel the store’s accessories display, or to peer curiously up the skirts of other customers.

Now that Coles is selling staple fashion items, shopping for clothing might just have got a little bit easier.

Priced at under $40, the range will cater primarily for women, with a selection of men’s items and children’s pieces planned for future collections.

The range will be refreshed every two weeks, and will include basics like dresses, t-shirts, and mix & match bikinis.


This is what gorgeous models look like in some of the items:



And this is what a mum shopping in Coles looks like in one of the items:


Note: Unlike the models, I do not tend to unbutton my blouse to my belly button… 


There won’t be change rooms in Coles to try on the clothing – which could be a blessing in disguise.

…imagine if they were set up near the freezer section, near the confectionary aisle, or worse, anywhere that one of the trolley guys could sneak a peek!”

But I’ve found Coles to be generous with their returns policy so you can always try the items on at home and return them the week after if they are not quite right.

Or do as I did and slip it over the top of what you’re wearing to check for size.

Just popped out for some milk, eggs, shirt and dress. 


MIX will be stocked in selected Coles stores nationally from October 6th.

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What do you think of buying your clothes in the supermarket? 

Got any tips for shopping for clothes when you are with your kids? Please share! 

baby hanger1 5 ways to cruise a grocery aisle in style


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  • The Coles at Burwood One in Melbourne has change rooms! Far away from the fresh fruit and veggies though! The clothes I have seen look great and I would have no more a problem buying from Coles than Kmart etc which I do regularly! They are probably made in the same factory.  I actually saw a cute striped nighty that might do as an at home summer maxi!!

  • I really like the idea of clothes at the supermarket.  When I lived in the UK a few of the supermarkets had started doing clothes and when I was there last year it was a huge thing.. they all did it.. budget is good too.. although, as you will know from previous conversations,  I won’t be wearing any of those teeny little bikini tops!

  • I ducked into my local Coles yesterday liked what I saw and went back today w/o hubby or baby (hurrah!) and went a little insane…$111.00 later I had two fantastic dresses, 4 tshirts, a pair of shorts and another summer top. All of them are well made, better quality than target or kmart and fit better than I expected them too. It was weird clothes shopping with people food shopping around me but I’ll definitely go back -the prices are too good!

  • I popped in there this week and checked out the range – very impressed. There were so many cute tank tops and Ts… i am going back this week to take some home to try – I definitely appreciate the return policy at Coles will be better than your average store at the mall!

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