Two sandals that’ll take you from picnic to party + WIN SHOES!

By Andrea Michelle for FRANKiE4

Nothing screams “summer” like a kid in an ice cream store like a great pair of sandals. But in a good way.

Yet if you buy a pair that doesn’t fit quite right, you can be in for a summer of pain instead of one of pleasure.

If you’ve ever endured cuts on the sides of your ankles from ill-fitting buckles, or sweaty feet that slip out of your sandal you’ll know what I mean.

Each summer I invest in a new pair of sandals, and am on the look out for a pair that not only feel great, and look fabulous, but can take me to a number of different occasions.

And I’ve found two pairs from FRANKie 4 that do just that.

FRANKie 4 sandals are designed by a Brisbane Podiatrist, and all include additional cushioning and support, which ensure you have a comfy ride.

The sandals I’ve chosen both have heel support too which means days on your feet won’t be a pain. Plus, they are adjustable across the width of your foot – perfect if yours are kinda wide like mine.

The PeNNI Sandal

A nude sandal with a low wedge, these babies are practical enough for chasing after the little ones, but are stylish and versatile so they’ll work just as well with a pair of denim shorts as they do with your favourite maxi.

Andrea Michelle Fox in Flats FRANKiE 4 a

Andrea Michelle Fox in Flats FRANKiE 4 b

Featuring FRANKie 4’s patented ‘sweet spot’ technology – with all that cushiony goodness – the PeNNI sandal has a secret feature that I adore: they are secured with a Velcro strap, and a faux buckle, so you can flick them off in a hurry – especially important when you’re shopping for clothes (sale time!), wanna jump into the sandpit or have a go on the trampoline with the kids.

FANKie 4 by Fox in Flats

With leather uppers, lining and a super-soft leather footbed, these will mould themselves to your feet, while letting them breathe – especially great if your feet tend to perspire a lot in warmer weather.

Andrea Michelle Fox in Flats FRANKiE4 c

Beauty Tip:

Nude-coloured sandals will create the illusion of long, lush legginess. So get your pins flash-worthy with regular exfoliating, a slick of fake tan, and handfuls of rich, creamy body butters. And as the spotlight is on your toes, invest in a shellac or gel pedicure that’ll remain shiny and chip-free for weeks. Orange and coral shades will enhance your (fake) tan.

Styling Tips:

  • Long, flowing maxis catch the summer breeze. Look for one with a thigh-high split, or knot it at mid-length to showcase your sandals and to make it easier to run like the wind.
  • Partner with geometric patterns and crisp, tailored pieces that mirror the straps on your sandals for a modern, head-to-toe eye-fest. Slicked back hair will complete the look.
  • Wear your favourite, fun, patterned skirt with a white collared shirt for a fresh, crisp look. Roll up the sleeves to keep it relaxed.
  • Think ‘flowing, romantic and hippy-esque’. Long maxi dresses and skirts, or breezy kaftans teamed with easy, free-range hair plus jangly accessories.
  • Team above-the-knee tunic dresseswith a long pendant and oversized shades for a chic, boho look.
  • Wear with a short flowy dress– an inch or two above the knees and belted at the waist for a classic, feminine silhouette.
  • Try lightweight baggy pantsthat taper in at the ankle, ending an inch or so before the top of the sandal, for a dreamy genie inspired look. Top with a fitted tank and finish with metallic accessories.

Click here to shop the PeNNI Sandal (Tan, Black) $219.95

The BELiNDA Sandal

The perfect combo of leg-lengthening height and zero-wobbles-while-walking practicality. These wedges are the ultimate day to night sandal that’ll take you from a chilled out BBQ to a sizzling date with ease.

Andrea Michelle Fox in Flats FRANKiE4

With a lightweight wedge sole that features FRANKie 4’s signature ‘Sweet Spot’ cushioning, the BELiNDA a great choice for all those summer events when you find yourself on your feet for long hours at a time – so you can say goodbye to the bare-footed walk of shame later in the day.

Andrea Michelle Fox in Flats j

And I love the enclosed heel and low ankle buckle which keeps these wedges securely on your feet, meaning you’re less likely to topple over when you’re on the go.

Andrea Michelle Fox in Flats x

Styling Tips:

  • Roll up your comfy boyfriend jeans to flash a couple of inches of ankle, and top with a tank or sleeveless shirt for a chilled-out but still-smart look.
  • Crisp shorts, topped with a 3/4 sleeved striped Breton T-shirt channels Riviera chic. Just add red lipstick, black sunnies, and a large straw tote.
  • A long maxi skirt or dress will create the perfect mess of feminine swishiness. Accessorise with the largest wide-brimmed hat you can get your hands on, and a pair of cats-eye sunglasses for glam.
  • Pair high-waisted, slightly flared blue jeans with wedges, a cute t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a hair flick for a leggy, Charlie’s Angels-inspired look.
  • A fresh, white summer shift, a mid height wedge and clear Perspex shades says “I’ve got summer in my pocket, and it’s staying there for keeps.”

Click here to shop the BELiNDA Sandal (Tan, Black) $239.95


WIN FRANKiE 4 shoes!

Sorry, this giveaway is now closed.

Because I’d love you to have FRANKiE 4 shoes too, we are giving away a pair to a lucky reader of Fox in Flats.


how to enter

Simply share with me a story about a time you suffered as your summer sandals weren’t comfy.

For instance, I once went to a beautiful wedding, danced all night, and even tried to catch the bouquet in a pair of black high heeled sandals. By the time it came to catch a cab home, my feel were so sore and covered in blisters, I could barely walk. Yet, there were no cabs available. So I had to walk through Sydney’s Hyde Park at midnight to another cab rank. My feet were in so much pain, I had to take them off and walk barefoot through the park. In Black Tie. Yikes!


Add your story in the Comments section below, and be sure to skip over to the FRANKiE 4 website, check out their range, and let me know what pair you’d like if you won.

It’s that easy!



  • This give away is a game of skill, and I’ll be judging the winners based on the most compelling response.
  • The prize is a Gift Card redeemable for a pair of FRANKiE4 shoes of your choice.
  • You can enter this give away as many times as you like.
  • Entry is only open to Australian residents.
  • The give away runs from 14th of December, 2015 till the 23rd of December, 2015.
  • You need to have subscribed to our weekly newsletter to be eligible to enter, and you can do that here.
  • The winners will be announced in our newsletter on the afternoon of December 23rd, 2015. 
  • Entrants must abide by the contest entry conditions listed above. 


Good luck!



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  • One evening whilst for an evening out with my gal pals after. I returned home In a cab, whilst I was not “drunk” but more the happy tipsy type, I proceeded to get out of the cab farewell my driver and walk up my gravel driveway. I then suddenly somehow managed to get my heel caught in a soft spot in the gravel and roll my ankle, snap the heel of of my shoe and fall down in a massive heap spliting my knee open! thankfully my lovely taxi driver saw this (terribly embarrassing fall) got out of the car and helped me to my door, to alert my fiancé I needed some medical attention…It’s fair to say from this time onwards wedges or low heels were my only option especially when venturing out on my own! ?? Carly – SA

  • I recently purchased a pair of black leather slides with a tan ankle strap – very comfortable but not very breathable, subsequently my soles and little toes became wet and blistered and I was left with dyed black feet – dried black crusty skin on my toes – lesson learned…

  • Oh my the Jamie in the tan peach is amazing. No shoes are comfy right now with my swollen pregnancy feet but I did go to the shop with odd shoes on last week as I just couldn’t see my feet over this bump

  • My poor tootsies were so mutilated by the crazy-high strappy stiletto heels I wore to my Hen’s night a month before my wedding, that I ended up having to wear flat sandals and bandaids to my own wedding. Blisters and aching arches, do not a feminine bride make.
    Lucky for me, it was a pretty casual wedding in the tropics, and I *encouraged* all my friends to kick off their shoes and dance barefoot with me so I wasn’t the only one!

    The FRANKiE BELiNDA in tan would’ve got me out of that sticky (and less-than-ladylike) situation perfectly!

  • When my last bub was 3 months old I decided to go to a charity cocktail do by myself, wearing her in a sling. Naturally I wore my highest, hardly ever worn strappy stilletoes with gorgeous sparkly crystals on the toes. I did not take into account my extra 20kgs, softened joints, stretched abdominal muscles or the strain baby wearing would be in heels. By the end of the night I was in so much foot and back pain I couldn’t actually stand up so I hid in the foyer breastfeeding, having struggled with the teeny tiny buckles I couldn’t see because bub was in the carrier and I had nowhere to put her whilst I took the killer heels off. This experience has me yelling “Oh hells yeah!) to quick release straps such as on the Penni (which I love in both colours!). After my ordeal, I mean “Lovely Soiree”, I couldn’t walk barefoot for two days.

  • Great giveaway! I would choose either the Frankie or the Margie.

    Sandals have always been tricky for me, but the most recent trouble I’ve had was wearing a pair that pinched my feet to a flea market in LA! I was visiting my aunt and we had just one day to go antiquing; my toddler son was being babysat and we were flying back to Sydney in just a few days. So this was it! I love hunting for antiques and my aunt is great at it, so I decided to stick it out. My feet hurt so back by the end of the day I was hobbling around. At every booth I would look for replacement shoes; the whole day became overshadowed by these terrible sandals! Later on that trip I found replacements that a still holding up well, but that day was terrible. Although I did find a great silk skirt and some cute sunnies! Ahh the sacrifices we make…..

  • Early in the dating days with my husband I wore a ridiculously fashionable pair of sandals for a night out in Sydney. We caught up with some friends and our quiet night turned into walking tour of the city! After tromping along, winving in pain with every step we finally decided to stop for a beautiful Chinese dinner. When we sat down I thought I felt a tickle on my foot….turns out I had blood streaming from both feet. The shoes had worn holes in my feet…no blisters just straight to open wounds! I had to try to stuff toilet paper under the straps and hobble back out to the table. Instead of looking fancy and fashionable I looked like a fashion fail! Never again will I suffer now that brands like FRANKiE4 shoes make fashionable and comfortable styles (bring on the Belinda to save my summer soles!)

  • Fantastic shoes ! My mum swears by them. So my story is upon turning fabulous 40 I bought what I thought was a lovely pair of flat slip on thongs with some bling. You could say it is like my feet have been walking on cardboard for two years and in this Queensland climate have not really taken them off my feet hence plantar fasciitis. I cannot believe what I have done to my foot just from wearing a pair of shoes. Loving the look of Frankie4 ! Rebecca Qld

  • When I was 28 weeks pregnant my husband and I flew to Sydney. I wore lovely sandals that had a thong style strap through the big toe as well as a buckle around the ankle. What started as a nice stroll through Circular Quay ended 3 hours later when we finally found our way out of an industrial estate and back to our hotel. My feet were bleeding between the toes as well as where the ankle strap dug into my skin as my poor pregnant feet swelled up. The worst part? They were the only sandals I’d packed for the whole weekend!

  • I went to a wedding; thought my styling was top but turned out to be a disastrous flop;
    A beautiful dress entwined by gale force wind, well the groomsmen smiled and grinned
    I didn’t catch the bouquet of flowers; my slippery sandals let me down in the rain and showers
    Dancing was no more as my poor feet were painful, swelled, blistered, throbbing and sore
    To the married couple went a celebration and toast but all I needed was Frankie 4’s the most!
    Good luck to everyone who enters; thanks Fox in Flats and Frankie 4 for your kind generosity, to all a very Merry Christmas/Happy New Year and I would love to win the Penni sandals.

  • I have worn uncomfortable shoes for 40 years until I decided enough was enough. Walking home from a party bare feet holding shoes, I cut my foot on glass. Now comfy shoes all the way.

  • Running barefoot on the beach two days before Christmas and I ruptured my plantar fascia. Worst injury ever! I spent two weeks on crutches then the rest of summer in joggers because I couldn’t find any sandals with decent arch support in them. A pair of Frankie4’s would be life changers!

  • Think pregnant! Think wedding! Then think high heels! Oh my goodness it was a disaster. Within an hour I could no longer walk…. Seriously. Haha ( I can laugh it up now). I was barefoot most of the night, which wasn’t a great look. I learnt my lesson though and don’t wear high heels at all..ever..
    I would love to give frankie’s a go, and feel a bit more glam ?. I love the look of the tan penni’s. Or maybe it’s me dreaming of your long looooong legs ?.

  • Oh I am usually so conservative with my footwear (husband is short so I don’t normally choose heels), but that went out the window when I flew up to Townsville with my sisters for a cousins wedding and left my husband and kids at home.
    I put a little bit of pressure on myself to dress well, after all we are from Sydney, and decided it was a perfect excuse to wear my barely worn heels. After the ceremony my sisters and I decided we would walk to the reception. We had seen it venue when we drove past earlier in the day and it didn’t seem far. Well by the time we reached the reception venue I could barely walk. It wasn’t just my feet that hurt, it was my calves and knees too. I spent 95% of the wedding reception sitting down, and when it was time to leave I whipped off the shoes and stockings and walked back barefoot to the hotel. Such a classy Sydney girl, lol.
    Love the look of all the shoes, but I think I would have to choose the PeNNI shoes (can’t go too high with those heels ?)

  • So I don’t have a story about wearing sandals … I don’t have ANY! … I have not bared my toes in public for such a long time (my now ex-hubby once ridiculed me in public and I’ve never recovered :-/ ) … I have fat stubby toes – the 3 toes between my big toe and my pinky are well, like fat little triplet sausages … I’ve longed forever for long delicate toes! Maybe just maybe a pair of FRANKiE 4 PeNNI or BELiNDA’s can change the way about how I feel about showing off my feet

  • Here we go..penni or belinda …or any frankie4 for that matter!! My story – working FT on regional qld a few yrs ago, i hardly had time for finding a xmas themed party outfit..let alone shoes to go with as usual..we made it to the regional ‘city’ where the xmas party was being held with about 15mins prior to shops shutting and managed to get to a shoe shoe close to where we were staying. After a quick scan around the shop i found a glittery pair of heels a bit higher than i normally wear that suited the outfit i was wearing. Fast fwd a few hrs and a few drinks and my shoes were killing me! I was determined not to take them off because i knew once they were off that was it! I managed (with alot of pain) to last the xmas a party and a couple of drinks afterwards still standing/grimicing..but in the cab ride home off they came!! The next day and a few days after i could not feel my little toes!! Needless to say i have never worn them again!

  • The Belinda!!!! After 8 months of excruciating heel pain from tarsal tunnel syndrome and a pre existing mortons neuroma in the same foot I have discovered Frankie4, along with much expense (physio, podiatrist and podiatric surgeon review) I was desperate to avoid surgery so I could keep up with children and my job as a nurse. In the last few weeks I have purchased several pairs of Frankie4 shoes (kat, Penni and Margie) and I wish I had enough money left to purchase the Belinda!! The improvement in my foot since wearing the Frankie4 footwear has been amazing and I feel so much better all round as constant pain is so debilitating I feel I can keep managing my foot with conservative treatment rather than the surgical option and I feel so much better all round.the soft spot and heel and arch support are amazing- even if I am not lucky enough to win a pair of Belinda shoes I hope that my story might inspire others to purchase frankie4s as they have been life changing for me in such a short time- Joanne

  • Amazing Frankie4s!! I have never been one for sandals or heels and mostly wear my closed in shoes with orthotics – even to the beach unfortunately – otherwise my heels and ankles get really sore. I was a bridesmaid at my friends wedding about 3 years ago, we were all given the dress and shoes to wear. The ‘kitten’ heel sandals looked gorgeous but after having them on for 10minutes, even with gel cushions I was struggling and we weren’t even at the isle! I managed to get through the ceremony and took the shoes off whenever I could (but I can’t stand barefoot). At the reception I changed into a flat sandal but my feet were still so sore I couldn’t even dance. I bought my first and only pair of Frankie4 sandals a couple of years ago on sale and love them!! Wish I had them at the wedding!

  • Ooh, it would be a toss up between the Lauren and Margie! My story involves my first day back at work (since having our children 5years ago) it was winter and I wore a gorgeous pair of pointed wedges. After lunch I knew I was in trouble….at school pick up my feet were so painful I walked half way up in bare feet before returning to the car to put them back on. I hobbled up to the classroom in agony. Needless to say, it took me a week to get over this first day. Never again!

  • oh thankyou andrea!
    I hope I didn’t miss the boat, fomo!
    this is my beautiful mother’s day of her birth and I’m eating chocolate for breakfast for her!;))
    she was a dancer and prancer and so am I and I would love some lauren’s to take these old feet back to the past when I could dance the night away!
    i wore high heels to my nephew’s wedding at Glenelg, but by the end of it my feet were burning! mind you it was 38degrees! for the reception we went to the intercontinental but i had to change to a more comfortable pair so it wouldn’t inhibit my dancing! … we all had a turn of dancing in the circle and I was doing some belly dancing moves! all of the young ones were clapping and cheering me on as I did my hip lifts and shimmies!
    much fun was had but comfort comes first with me these days, but i still like a lovely stylish shoe!
    so i can still kick up my heels when the need arises! … happy dancing days for all! love m:)X

  • Earlier this year my bestie had his engagement party at a beautiful waterfront venue. I wore a pair of stunning stiletto sandals. I arrived early to help set up the venue and then spent the whole night on my feet mixing and mingling with all the guests. My feet were feeling pretty sore by around 9pm which unfortunately coincided with the DJ turning up the music and everyone starting to cut up the dance floor. Every time I sat down to give my feet a rest, my very happy and excited best friend came over to pull me back onto the dance floor. The lowlight for my poor feet was doing the Nutbush in said stiletto sandals. At the end of the night I had to hobble back to the car, leaning heavily on my husband who had to help me navigate the gaps in the boardwalk outside the venue to make sure my heels didn’t get stuck. Now I dream of a beautiful pair of BELiNDAs so I never again have to be in agony on a night out again. 🙂

  • While in a whirlwind getting ready for work, scraping breakfast off the floor, chaging my sons Tshirt for the 200th time, getting kids bags ready, socks, shoes , oh sorry a meltdown or two thrown in as he doesn’t like those shoes, not to mention packing myself a healthy lunch as I mustnt forget I’m on a ‘health kick’, I grab my black flats from the wardrobe, run to the car, scoop the kids up on the way, screech into school drop off, coffee pick up, arrive at work to ‘start’ the day.
    A work colleague casually mentions my foot attire for the day….. As I look down at my feet, ‘whhhaaattt the’ mis matched black flats!!!!
    I’m sure if I was wearing PENNI my shoes would be noticed for a different reason!

  • Last New Year’s Eve I went to a party at the opera house, I wore cute, but rubbish sandals ! After a hole night of standing on concrete I could hardly walk afterwards, getting up to the bus at Wynyard was a nightmare as my feet were sooooooo sore ! I took the said rubbish sandals off but that just made it worse ! It took me months to get over this, and needless to say the rubbish , but cute, sandals went in the bin! I learnt my lesson the hard way and my dignity is still recovering as I was THAT person walking thorough the city with their shoes in their hand.. Arghhh!!!

  • I wore a pair of new sandals to my work Christmas party last year, my poor big toes didn’t know what hit them and are still visibly scarred from the experience. In fact they curl under at the mere sight of the offending sandals. Admittedly I have tortured them again in the same shoes, completely forgetting their maiden voyage and wore them to a gig, walking oh 2kms from hotel to pub in them. My golly gosh I was walking so funny by the time I got there and my toes were so maimed that I had to spend money on a cab afterwards and have never worn the sandals since! I’d love to splash out on a pair of Penni sandals!

  • I am flight attendant and wore ridiculous sandals walking around all day. It wasn’t till the flight home I realised that those red raw blisters were going to destroy me on the 16 hours flight home. My saving grace was It was night flight, so lights off and that I wore pants! I had to walk around in my black socks with my pants for a good part of the flight. Luckily no one spotted my indiscretion!! Pain a man would never experience!

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