C’mon baby, light my fire: 3 candles to uplift, inspire, and sexify

By Andrea Michelle

Away on a conference recently I checked into one of those rooms that was so awesome I wanted to jump on the bed nude. A split level, corner suite with a massive spa bath that looked out over the ocean. Plus, they bought me wine on demand, and I had no little kids to feed or bathe. Bliss!

But one thing was missing: it didn’t smell like home.

Granted, sometimes my home can smell like Spaghetti Bolognese, Stir Fry, or BBQ depending on what’s for dinner – and I wasn’t missing that. I was missing the scent of a delicious candle burning.

I’ve become used to picking up a lovely candle as a little treat or reward for myself from time to time, and am lucky to sometimes receive them as gifts too. They are one of those affordable luxuries that I now find it hard to do without. Here are a few of my faves:

Sweet Pea & Jasmine by ECOYA

Ecoya sweet pea and jasmine

Sweet Peas aren’t in season all year ’round, but this candle that blends the flower with the scent of jasmine keeps your home smelling fresh and clean all year ’round.

Best coupled with a cup of green tea and glossy mag.

 Sweet Pea & Jasmine by ECOYA $39.95

COCONUT + LEMONGRASS by Scented Tonics

scented tonics candle

A soothing blend of coconut and lemon-grass, this candle features hand-blended fragrances using pure essential oils giving a your home a warm calming hug.

Best while reading handwritten notes, writing thoughtful cards, or reminiscing over old photographs.

BE CALM with COCONUT + LEMONGRASS by Scented Tonics $49.95

Frankincense and Myrrh by Hut and Manor

hut and manor

Exotic, woody, and uplifting, this is one sexy scent.

Couple with a full-bodied red and dimmed lights… 😉

Frankincense and Myrrh by Hut and Manor $45

I’m always looking for new candles to try – do you have a favourite?


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