47 new ways to wear old denim

For most of us, denim forms the corner-stone of our day-to-day outfits. It’s so fabulously versatile and magnificently hard-wearing that it’s the perfect go-to on a go-hard day. Yet it’s so easy to fall into that jeans-and-a-t-shirt rut that most of us find ourselves in.

So a couple of weeks ago, we laid down another of our Style Dares, where we challenged readers of Fox in Flats to wear denim every day for a week, with the focus on trying to find new ways to work those denims into our outfits.

With hundreds and hundreds of jean-ious outfits flying around the internet, we’ve grabbed a bunch, bottled them and are releasing them back out there for your viewing pleasure. Check out this gallery of just a small sample of the snaps taken on Instagram that week. But for loads more, check out #DenimDare, which is chock full of jean-spiration from women just like you and me.

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For more inspiration on new ways to wear your old denims, check out this article, bursting with denim, denim and more denim. And if you’re game, why not try the Denim Dare yourself? All the details are here.


PS: If you joined in with the Denim Dare and I left you out of the gallery, please don’t take it personally – everyone was so fabulous! Remember it’s just little ‘ol me behind the computer while the kids are occupied (which at the moment seems like never, the cheeky imps!) and am just muddling my way through. x Andrea


What’s your favourite way to wear denims? And if you did the dare, what was your favourite outfit for the week?  

baby hanger1 The Denim Dare