What do actress Busy Philipps, designer Rebecca Minkoff, and artist Jade Berreau have in common, besides wildly successful careers, American passports tucked in their totes, and being mothers?

They’ve all featured on the pages of The Glow: it’s a website dedicated to showcasing beautiful, successful and wealthy people in their eye-wateringly stylish abodes while cavorting playfully with their adorable offspring.

If you can get over the overwhelming desire to face-plant on the computer – as no-one, but no-one can be that gorgeous (and unstained!) with little kids around – and read the text, these women open up and share some fab tips and ideas for getting your ‘glow’ on.

Here’s a selection of their handy beauty tips that’re relevant to all mums – whether you’ve ever been shot in soft-focus before or not:


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What’s your best beauty tip since you’ve become a mum? 

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  • Groomed eyebrows are a must. Helps to frame the face and makes you look very “kept together”. So normally, even if I don’t have time for any make-up, I make sure that my eyebrows are groomed with some eyebrow wax and a little dab of colour to darken in slightly. 

    • I never used an eyebrow pencil until a few months ago, at 35 you would think I would know better but went to a Benefit bar and Oh my life what a difference to my whole face! Can’t live without it now – off to research this eyebrow wax and cream that you all speak of!

  • Don’t shave, wash or brush tomorrow what you can do today 🙂 There will NEVER be more time to do something than the moment you remember to do it. 

  • I hardly ever wear makeup – my mother used to scold me and say “At least wear lipstick!”. It is more out of being time poor with the kidlets. I always use good quality cleansers and toners and wear a moisturiser with built in SPF. I have a fantastic hair dresser who helps tame my crazy hair and she put me on to Moroccan Oil as well – it smells devine and I am a big fan of the pony tale mum club!

    • If you’ve got great hair and great skin, you’re sorted I say!
      But your mum’s comment reminded me of a boss I had who told me I needed to start wearing lipstick to work. But then again, weirdly, I was only 15, and ‘work’ was my Thursday-night/Saturday morning job at a clothes store in the local mall, ha ha ha! 

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