The Braidy Bunch

Last week, we laid down a challenge to the readers of Fox in Flats:

Could you braid your hair for 7 days in a row?”

Well clearly, the answer from many was “yes!”  Check out this collection of over 150 braided hairstyles with thanks to the following dare devils:

Rita @RitaAzar2 @MissPink_TMA Sandra @s_gale Corinne @CorinneReneee Natalie @NatsNatterings Sydney @SydneyStone Allira @glutenfreeranga Robyn @slightly_deep Rosemary @rosemaryslade Tamsin @TamsinHowse Christina @HairRomance Lauren @Surprise_Begin Katie @matiekorgan Sonia @ShesSonic Jessie @jessiemorris Sabby @SuperStyleSabby Naomi @NomiePT Norlin @Norlinm Mel @me_and_e Katy @Katy_Potaty Kate @KatePiasecka Karen @Yellow_Dandy Cate @KeepCateBusy – if I’ve left anyone out please let me know so I can add you in – sorry! It’s hard to keep track 😉


I like to call them ‘The Braidy Bunch’.


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Keen to try your nimble fingers on a week of pretty plaits and bitchin’ braids? Check out the 7 day Braid Dare here for the rules on how to play – plus it’s full of fab of tips and ideas to get you through the week.


What’s your favourite braided hairstyle?

baby hanger1 Could you BRAID for 7 days in a row? I DARE you!


Subscribe Could you BRAID for 7 days in a row? I DARE you!


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x Andrea