Hands up if you own a vintage style treasure? A pre-loved item of a ‘certain age’ that’s got a special place in your heart (and your wardrobe) because it is simply awesome.

Here’s your chance to share your favourite vintage treasure with all of us at Fox in Flats, and in doing so, be in the running to WIN a case of Sparking Pinot Noir from another great vintage, thanks to Bird in Hand winery.

A couple of my oldest friends (and ex-flatmates!) now run Bird in Hand – a family-owned winery nestled in the Adelaide Hills, not far from where my Father grew up.

Since it was founded in 1997, Bird in Hand has won so many local and international wine awards that their ‘pool room’ is bursting at the seams. Their wines really are special.


 Note: This isn’t a photo of my buddies. They’re more likely to be seen chasing their kids around and wiping Vegemite stains off their pants like the rest of us.


The team at Bird in Hand regard the 2011 Sparkling Pinot Noir as one of their favourite vintages, so to celebrate, they’re giving away a case to a lucky Fox in Flats reader!

WIN a case of Bird in Hand Sparkling Pinot Noir 2011, valued at $300

Made from 100% Adelaide Hills-grown Pinot Noir and harvested during the cool of night to maintain quality.

The winemakers say: “This Sparkling has lifted strawberry and cherry aromas with a beautiful pink tone from skin contact. The floral lift is clean and vibrant. The fruit sweetness is balanced by crisp acidity and a long, clean finish.”

I say: “Cheers!” 



How to enter – it’s easy!

Step 1. Click here to subscribe to the Fox in Flats newsletter – you need to be a subscriber to be eligible to enter.

Step 2. Befriend Bird in Hand on Facebook – click here – and Fox in Flats on Facebook – click here.

Step 3. In the Comments section below simply share with us in 25 words or less the story of your favourite vintage style find. What is it? Where did you find it – a thrift store, e-Bay, a market, a specialty vintage store? And what’s so cool about it – its history, its uniqueness, or the fact that it was such a bargain? Add an image too if you can.

Be sure to let us know who you are, and how to contact you should you win.

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Enter now to WIN: What’s your favourite vintage style find?

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Legal stuff so it’s all fair and square:

  • The prize is a case of Sparkling Pinot Noir 2011, valued at $300 from Bird in Hand
  • The promotion period is from 4th of December – midday on the 15th of December, 2011. 
  • The winner will be selected by the clever wine makers at Bird in Hand.
  • Contest is open to subscribers of the Fox in Flats newsletter only. To subscribe to our weekly newsletter, click here.
  • Winner’s name will be published in the Fox in Flats newsletter on Friday 16th of December, 2011. You will have till December 20th to claim your prize. If the prize is unclaimed by then, the prize will be awarded to another entrant, as chosen by the wine makers at Bird in Hand.
  • You can enter once via the method outlined in Step 3. 
  • Entry is open to residents of Australia.
  • You must be over 18 to enter this promotion.
  • Entrant must abide by the contest entry conditions listed above. 

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  • When my mum passed she left me an old rose gold necklace that was given to her by her mum. My daughter just turned 21 and I gave it to her. The treasured look on her face melted my heart.

  • I used to love seeing photos of my mother and her friends going out for the evening.  THey always looked so elegant and ‘put together’.  They used costume jewellry to great effect and when I was going through my mother’s things, I found this dirty, blackened dress ring.  After cleaning it up, it emerged as a beautiful, sparkly marquisite ring.  I just love wearing it and it takes me back to those WWII days when women really worked hard on putting together the total package!  Love it so much.

  • This is a gorgeous vintage rocking horse I happen upon in an op-shop in a tiny country town in Queensland, and now my favourite bookshelf to boot! It’s wooden and weathered and absolutely one-of-a-kind, so I was astonished when they woman said she’d sell it to me for $5. Apparently it’s lost its use as a rocking horse (the seat is unstable), but that didn’t stop me repurposing it and giving it a new lease of life. Now it has pride of place among my vintage knickknacks and suits my  shabby-chic apartment perfectly. I love it!

  • My daughter’s vintage formal dress is beaded silk. At $25 + dry cleaning it fitted my budget as well as it did her curves!

  •  A forgotten Vintage Nectar of the Gods, from the Benedictines New Norcia, my Mum bought to celebrate my brother’s 21st. He is now 42.

    Befriended Bird in Hand & Fox In Flats FB: Mary Preston


  • My grandmother left her wedding dress which has been passed through the generations. Not only does it have vintage value but it has sentimental value too! 

  • Im sorry but that picture of the wine in the different glasses. I off to the vintage shops and 2nd hand shops to buy me some of those glasses. No more matching sets for me. Just beautiful.

  • I am besotted by that photo of the wine in all the different beautiful glasses. I am off to the vintage and 2nd hand shops to buy me some not matching beautiful glasses. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • My awesome vintage fur mini dress from 1966…  possibly the last time  wore it…and still hanging in my wardrobe! (fake fur naturally)

  • My wedding dress, a gorgeous lace gown with cap sleeves from the 1960’s, with beads all around the bodice, to die for and only $320.

  • This amazing amethyst ring in a car boot sale.  I had it valued out of curiosityand to my shock it was worth $2,000!!

  • Hartnell’s “In Love” perfume…
    It was huge in the 50’s / 60’s and a scent my Mother adored.  After much scouring of international websites, I found a bottle, moisturiser and talc and spent a small fortune purchasing them and getting them sent to Australia. Very rare. 
    The look on Mum’s face when she opened them was priceless – my darling Dad had not long passed away, and she was nostalgic for the scent she said made him fall in love with her.

  • I adore my Stephen Dattner suede coat discovered at a market in Sydney for $20. I look forward to winter so I can wear it! Kelly

  • Some time ago I actually googled what age it needed to be classified as “vintage” and I discovered that it was about 25 years old – so I have something that I would like to present as my best vintage finds..  ME – because clearly I am over 25 and that makes me vintage, but I am like a leather bag..  I am capable of holding a LOT of necessary things, some things get LOST in me, and the older I get the softer and more worn I become – simply adding to the character of course..  Also I know that if I hold on to ME long enough, in time I may be handed down to someone who will love me as much as I have loved myself!!  And as any of you will know, if you buy a bag big enough, it is easy (E.A.S.Y. !!!) to hide a bottle of wine – or even a whole lot of lovely ‘Bird in Hand’ bubbles inside her…  😉

  • My husband… a 1962 vintage work, a little bit daggy and frayed around the edges but he’s comfortable, hugs every curve and goes with absolutely everything!

  • I found a beautiful amber and silver handworked ring at a yard sale for 2 dollars and the amber is one and a half inches oval. It’s beautiful and I wear it whenevwer I want to feel lucky.

  • Vintage shoes – they reflect my boyfriend, hey’re stylish, supportive, flexible, stylish and good for walking all 0ver oN!

  • My sister loves Op Shop shopping. She found this marvellous black 50s cocktail dress for me. Cut beautifully and it was the best figure flatterer. 

  • This vintage jumpsuit that I bought from an online vintage store. It’s very windy here so it makes wearing skirts and dresses very hard

  • A vintage style mirror that says ‘Private Bar – Purveyor of Fine Spirits & Fine Friends’ on it. Gives my home bar a cool vintage feel.

  • My wedding ring which started it’s life as my maternal grandmothers eternity ring. When my grandfather passed away, my mother travelled to England to help my aunty sort through his affairs. As my mum lives in Australia she could not inherit big items like furniture and asked my aunty if she would mind taking some of my grandmothers jewellery and some photos (my grandmother passed away the year after I was born and I never met her). When she came home she showed my sister and I the jewellery. I immediately fell in love with the eternity ring so my mum let me wear it every now and then and said it was going to be mine in the future. 
    When my husband proposed to me, we began looking at wedding rings. I wanted something different from most other ring but was having trouble finding a 2 tone ring that was unique. One day I put my grandmothers eternity ring on to go out to dinner and discovered that the only finger it fit on was my wedding finger. I just knew at that moment that this would be my wedding ring as I couldn’t bear not being able to wear the ring because it didn’t fit and the pattern makes it hard to get resized. So my mum happily gave me the ring to have as my wedding ring and I now treasure my ring knowing that it has a beautiful history of love. 

  • Pair of old boots mum wore back in the day.. Long brown, with a killer flat chunky heel, fit me perfectly. Being a Mum she was chuffed to have saved me heaps on a pair of boots

    contact @mumwiththree:twitter 

    I say: “Cheers too!” 

  • Best vintage find- a gorgeous belt with a fern-like enameled clasp. Circa 1950 – now I wear it at least once a fortnight! Cost – 50c!

  • My favourite vintage piece is my great-grandmother’s (fake) fur stole.   Last worn to James Bond theme night. Got to be way over 50 years old.

  • My favourite
    vintage finds are old drawer knobs. They can really make a boring piece of furniture look unique. I
    covet enamel knobs the most

  • Nans style was feminine and stylish, well worth ‘borrowing’. She caught me borrowing them as a teen and gifted them to me as an adult!

  • At a market found this vintage sky blue maxi dress for $5 loved it! Everyone loves it but it’s not a maxi dress its an old school singlet night gown!!!

  • My baby’s vintage bird mobile that I made her when I was 34 weeks pregnant. At 7 months it makes her giggle and laugh every time she sees it. Hard work was worth it!

  • I bought some original Max Factor make-up instructional flyers from 1935 in a 2nd hand book store in LA, they are very treasured.

  • In my aunt’s wardrobe.  Occasionally I’ll receive a hand-me-down. I’ll split prize and bribe her for more vintage pieces.  Then we’ll drink the bubbles together.

    Exactly 25 words!

  • Mum bequethed me her leather bracelet.  I feel connected to her creative heart and, ironically, wearing this old vintage treasure makes me feel young.

  • Never knew she had it, but found my mother’s red fox fur jacket when clearing her wardrobe. Easily 50 years old. Comes out for selected occasions…

  • A 1950’s shell cameo.  My father bought one for my  mother before I was born.  During the 60’s and 70’s I wore it on a blck velvet choker.   It went missing at some time.  After I cared for my Mum in her final illness my husband searched the internet to find me a cameo.  I adore it, so much nicer than flowewrs!

  • I don’t wear jewellery often, but when I do it’s usually a statement making ring. My great-grandmother’s handmade Victorian engagement ring is a work of art and my most prized possession.

  • My favorite piece of vintage clothing is my mothers Lapis rabbit fur coat. Purchased on her honeymoon in Hong Kong…1967. It is unique and haven’t seen another one like it. It’s in great condition too 🙂

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