28 random things to be grateful for

being grateful

By Andrea Michelle

My boys and I often start our evening dinner sharing what we are grateful for. It’s a sweet moment of the sublime and mostly ridiculous realities of our lives, and an insight into what’s important to us. But what I love about it most is that it forces us to find something fabulous to acknowledge about our day. No matter how hard that day was. I’d encourage you to do the same. At the very least, you’ll get a laugh. At the most, you’ll discover gold.


my totally random list of things to be grateful for

(in no order)



Toasty warm cuddles in bed with your babies. And smelling their sweet morning breath.


Toasty warm cuddles in bed with someone you love. And if you don’t have one of those, a bit of self-lovin’ can go a long way…


Friends who offer to look after your kids so you can have a rest/go shopping solo/etc. etc. etc. Treat these guys like gold.


Control top underwear.


Facebook. How easy does it make it to keep in touch with so many great friends?!


The “off” switch of the computer. Because sometimes you’ve gotta step away from Facebook.


Strength. If you can lift a child, carry multiple bags of groceries, or move a piece of furniture, you’re doing well.


Sunglasses. Because they are the easiest accessory that suits every figure.


The words “I love you.”


Frangipani. It’s obvious why.


Champagne. Same reason as Frangipani.


Health. Not to be taken for granted. Ever.


Concealer. The world would be a much scarier place without it. Or at least my face would be.


Friends that you can cry in front of without feeling embarrassed, ashamed or vulnerable.


Your favourite song. You know, the one that makes your heart soar whenever you hear it.


Messy buns. Whoever decided that these were ok to wear in public has my vote.


That ‘this too shall pass’. Because it ALWAYS does.


Eye crinkles. If you’ve got these you know you’re living a happy life. If you don’t, it might be time to ease off on the Botox.


The beach. The sound of waves crashing, the cool water to explore, and even the sand that leaves trails in your home from sandy feet. There’s nothing more grounding and invigorating.


Smiley face emoticoms.

smiley face


Learning. From learning to fold a fitted sheet, learning the theory of relativity, or simply learning another perspective you’ve not thought of, there’s something great for the taking each and every day.


Learning from mistakes.


The sound of kids giggling. It’s like joy to the ears.


Blazers. Nothing’s going to sharpen up any outfit faster than popping these over top. Yup, even the most basic shorts/tank or jeans/t shirt combo.


Red lipstick. Same kinda reason as per Blazers. And it’s sexy.


Friends who own a holiday home, boat or swimming pool that invite you to join them. Treat these friends like gold too!


Muddy puddles and gum boots. For grown ups.


Those moments of pride in our children. Whether it’s because they’ve taken first steps, slept through the night without wetting their beds, shown consideration for others, completed a law degree, or are just being darn delectable. These are moments to savour (and draw on when they’re driving you nuts!)


What are you grateful for – big AND small? 


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