By Tegan Taylor

We spend much time ferrying kids between different activities. Soccer, cricket, ballet, art classes: they’re all places where the kids get to run around, blow off some steam – and they get to do it in cute uniforms!

But why let the kids have all the fun? Take inspiration from your child’s favourite extracurricular activity and use it as an outfit starting point. Time to play dress-ups!


Soccer Mum


Screaming support from the sidelines or handing out orange slices at half-time, the soccer mum already practically has a uniform of her own. Take it to the next level with these:

A cute cap for sporty-cool AND shade from the sun:


New Era baseball cap $22.18

A varsity-style tee keeps the vibe relaxed.


Lonsdale tee $49.95

These denim cut-offs look like something you wore when you were 16, but the high waist and longer leg make them mum-friendly.


Cult Raw by Nobody shorts $139

Sporty flats with bonus animal print. The ultimate Saturday morning shoe.


Le Coq Sportif leopard sneakers SALE $44.98




Ballet Mum


Your tulle-twirling, bunhead baby looks so sweet in her leotard and tutu, but even if you’re not a dancer, there’s no reason you can’t indulge in some pastels too. Although maybe in clothes that are slightly more forgiving on figures that aren’t in their teens anymore…

This floaty tulle skirt will have you feeling like a prima donna.


Modcloth Turning in Tulle Skirt $47.99

A wrap cardigan top that doesn’t mince words (spangly green hotpants optional).


Wildfox “Let’s Dance” cardigan SALE $92.42

And ballet flats… of course!


Sam Edelman flats $98.66




Cricket mum



Make like the players and stay cool in all white.


Somedays Lovin playsuit SALE $55.97

A nod to the baggy green.


Barbour sports cap in olive $48.06

Give your little batsman some encouragement to hit big with these subtle number earrings. Howzat!


Jennifer Zeuner “6” earring $72.35



Art class mum



This smock dress has an arty vibe and a flattering shape.

dressups_art_dress copyjpg

Modcloth Smock Hop dress $94.99

The print on these sandals means you won’t notice if they get another paint splash or two.


Birkenstock splash multicolour sandals $132

This fox-print scarf is a work of art in itself! Wind it into your hair for serious arty-style chops.


Esprit fox square scarf $46.21

What activities do your kids do?

And are you ever tempted to dress in theme sometimes?


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